Prejudiced Puppetry: Chaz The Intolerant Chick-fil-A Chicken Debuts On Conan (VIDEO)

Chick-fil-A’s old motto, “Eat Mor Chikin!” is so last year! Their new catchphrase encapsulates perfectly CFA president Dan Cathy’s combination of Capitalism and Christianity:

“Eat up, you Godless sodomites!”

And to deliver this new, Baby Jesus approved message since they were dropped by the Muppets like the toxic sludge they are, CFA has turned to a new puppet created by late-night comedian, Conan O’Brien: Chaz, the Intolerant Chick-fil-A Chicken! With a Southern accent, a conspicuous lisp and a hand up his butt, Chaz shares the Good Word and a whole lot of sexual innuendo. You may never look at a hot slab of beef between two warm buns the same way again: 

Chaz even came back for an encore, shoving the Lord down our throats (but nothing else because that would make Satan giggle!)

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