82 Seconds That Shook The World

August 3rd, 2012, a date which will live forever. The beginning of a new era in the world began that day, over the span of 82 seconds. The day the Universe itself changed.

On that day, at the London Olympics, an unprecedented event happened. Not a new record, or a gold medal, or even a new sport. In the event of Judo, long a tradition in the Olympics, something remarkable happened.

In the women’s +78-kg category stood two women. But, what made this match ground breaking was who was fighting.

Wojdan Shaherkani from Saudi Arabia stood there, on the mat facing her rival from Puerto Rico, Melissa Mojica. A woman, from Saudi Arabia, competed in n Olympic event. This is the first time in Olympic history that every single country had women competing.

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Wojdan, the 16 year old Blue Belt in Japanese Judo, faced off against Black Belt Melissa, and lost her match in 82 seconds. While she did not win the match, she won a place unique in history. A proud moment for not only her home country, but of the world itself. A huge step forward to equal rights everywhere, the mere standing on the mat in London.

The world has indeed shook, and this 16 year old girl is the young woman who has done it.