Republicans Hand Obama An Astonishing Bit Of Disrespect

The “you didn’t build that controversy” that Republicans have fabricated using out-of-context quotes in a solidarity speech given by our President has taken a new, and shameful, turn. The Republican National Committee sent a birthday cake to the Democratic National Committee on Friday, which the DNC promptly sent back.

As seen above, the cake has “You Didn’t Bake This” written on it, a play on the misquoted “You Didn’t Build This” speech. I must note that no, Obama didn’t bake the cake. The bakery that DID bake it, though, no doubt had help from the farmers that produced the wheat and other ingredients, the dairy farmers who milked the cows, and the chicken farmers that collected the eggs. They also must have had help from the RNC in moving their product, because a business is nothing without customers.

The Republican continuance of this so-called “controversy” shows an enormous depth of what can only be called stupidity.

Apparently the DNC has teeth too, though, striking back in a hilarious way: “This is typical of Mitt Romney’s approach to the middle class,” DNC spokeswoman Melanie Roussell told The Hill. “He wants to ‘Let them eat cake!’ while robbing them blind. We sent the cake back to the RNC, along with a copy of the Tax Center’s report on Mitt Romney’s tax plan.”

An article referring that study can be found here.

Image credit goes to the RNC and DNC, respectively.


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