BREAKING: Mass Shooting In Sikh Temple; Suspected Hate Crime (UPDATE)

UPDATE 5:22 EST: In a short press conference Mayor Steve Scaffidi  gave a statement expressing the outrage the city feels at the senseless violence.

FBI will be handling the case as a domestic terrorism incident. The official causality tally is seven dead, including the shooter, and three wounded.

The first officer on the scene was critically wounded and a second officer opened fire on the shooter and killed him. There has been no official information released on the shooter. There is no indication of a second shooter and early reports of such were most likely a result of multiple reports from different people on the scene.  There has been no official report on the number or type of weapons used.

There will be a 10 AM CDT press conference.

Number for friends and family ONLY to call 888-298-1964

Update 4:30 EDT: The Temple has been cleared and no second shooter has been found. No further dead or wounded. The police have delayed the press conference for a shirt time.

Update 2:58 EDT: Amardeep Kaleka stated 20-25 people are shot, but this is unconfirmed. Kaleka’s mother is hiding in a closet. She is unable to stay on the phone and isn’t sure what is going on in the building.

Special guest speaker from India, was also shot as he was speaking. Kaleka says he was told by police that 2 are confirmed dead, but Kaleka says he doesn’t want to confirm that.

Police have indicated that at least 7 are dead including the shooter. The police will have an official statement at 3:30 PM CDT.


Up to one hundred people were attending services at Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin this morning when at least one shooter opened fire. According to sources, there is one shooter down and most likely dead, although this has not been confirmed. Three victims have been taken to the nearby Froedteat hospital and there are an unknown number of potential hostages hiding in the temple, texting and calling family members. One of them is the high priest who is in a bathroom and able to text.

One shooter was shot at the scene after wounding an officer who is expected to survive. One witness, Amardeep Kaleka whose father was shot and now at the hospital and whose mother is currently still in the building, says he believes there are four shooters and that they are causcasian.

Kaleka also stated that governors from India are in town for an important marriage ceremony but he doesn’t know if they are in the temple. He stated that the police suspect this is a hate crime.

Some reports say that there are children in the temple. There were multiple shootings, unknown number of injuries, and the press is being held 5 miles from the scene until the tragedy is resolved.

We will be tracking this story as it unfolds.