Tea Party Candidate Tells Fox He’ll ‘Compromise’ With Anyone Who Already Agrees With Him (VIDEO)

In an interview on Fox News Sunday, Ted Cruz, the Tea Party Repub who’s the current darling of the conservative movement made a statement that revealed more about the current mind-set on the right, than most of his supporters would care to admit:

“I am perfectly happy to compromise and work with anybody,Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians. I’ll work with Martians. If — and the if is critical — they’re willing to cut spending and reduce the debt.”

Got that? He’s willing to compromise, as long as your solution matches his solution exactly. It’s a little like saying you’re willing to compromise on any breakfast meat, as long as it’s bacon.

Here’s the video:

In all candor, Ted Cruz is just another clown, piling out of the tiny tea party car of contradiction. Abraham Lincoln would weep, if he saw how often you could fool enough of the people voting Republican today. A shrill ideologue who rails about the deficit, but won’t raise taxes on the 1%, Cruz is posing as an outsider even though he’s never worked outside of government. He was a Supreme Court clerk, and held the job of Solicitor General of Texas, longer than anyone else in state history.

His list of accomplishments reads like a bingo card of conservative talking points, brought into (much too) sharp relief; he created a coalition of 31 states (also presumably all outsiders, like himself) to buffer ‘2nd amendment rights to keep and bear arms’, he successfully fought to keep a statue of the 10 commandments on Texas State Capital grounds, and defended his state’s right to kill 51 people on death row.

Just as conservatives never truly wish to move the nation forward, they never stop rallying behind ‘fresh new faces,’ that tell them the same things as the old ones did. No new ideas here. No realistic solutions to any problems offered.

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