So Now, Obama Was Gay Married To A Pakastani? Thanks WND! (VIDEO)

Author: August 6, 2012 3:52 pm

Whee! The twists and turns of the minds of the Tea Party and WND make in painting Barack Obama as the epitome of everything they stand against, has taken a leap from garden-variety crazy to new heights of bat-guano mega-insanity on steroids. If you hated him in ‘terrorist fist-jab,’ if you screamed in fright over his being an anti-white Christian, and still believed he was a secret Muslim; you’re going to go berserk for:

Barack Obama, the terrorist-anti-white-Christian-secret-Muslim-gay-married-to-a-Pakistani! Of course that doesn’t even cover the fact that he’s not really a U.S. Citizen… Proof? Of course there’s proof!

Just watch this chilling, not at all insane video:

I watched all 13:40 of this video, but  just a couple minutes should be enough to give you the idea. It’s hysterical and sad at once; Obama tried so hard to reach across the aisle, but the more he tried the more horribly they’ve painted him. Personally I wish he hadn’t turned out be as moderate as he has, but these guys run farther and farther right every time he tries to work with them. In fact they’ve gone so far to the right that they’re in danger of falling off the edge of the earth, which they now believe is flat again, in opposition to Obama’s contention that it’s round.

But clearly, there’s no way for this president to appease the right. With this latest “theory,” they’ve had Obama personally engaging in every behavior they either hate or fear. He’s been a Nazi, a commie, a Kenyan, a Muslim, an ‘Angry Black Man,’ and now; not just a proponent of same-sex marriage, but a practitioner of it. And with a foreigner, to boot. They have literally assigned him every single quality they despise.

If they could take our country back(wards) to the Salem witch hunts of1692, they’d claim he was a consort of the devil…

Oh, wait, that’s just crazy.

They claim he’s the Anti-Christ

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  • (I haven’t read all of the posts so forgive me if covered) But–unbelieveable. The warped mind obsessing over a ring, to try to somehow defame the president. A ring in his youth. Yet- MR ROMNEY, can torture a human being in a mean spirited “pranK’ which I will add would be considered assault in tofays terms…it’s o.k.? and just because he says oh I don’t recall it…that’s it. We live in a sick sick world.

  • Mumphrey O. Yamm

    “I think these are legitimate questions.”

    Dude, you think wrong. I can’t tell if this guy believes the crap he’s peddling or whether he’s nothing but a grifter trying to fleece the wingnuts. I’m guessing the latter, though I could well be wrong. Either way, if I woke up and found myself leading this guy’s sad, sorry life, I’d think long and hard about shooting myself.

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