Why Won’t John McCain Call Harry Reid A Liar? (VIDEO)

Don’t ask about the tax returns. Don’t ask about the tax returns. Don’t ask about the tax returns. Ah, crud, he asked about the tax returns.

Anderson Cooper asks John McCain about Harry Reid’s allegation that Mitt Romney didn’t pay taxes for ten years. The entire exchange is simply mind-boggling.

Here’s the video:

First, Anderson Cooper seems shocked that Harry Reid would make such an accusation without offering any proof. What? This is a new thing in politics? Harry Reid has come under intense fire from the “liberal” media for making a claim and presenting no evidence for it. Yet, over the last three years we’ve heard that Obama is a Muslim, he was born in Kenya, he’s going to take all our guns away, he has an enemies list, he hates white people, he’s a junkie, his birth certificate is fake, Obamacare has death panels, Muslims have infiltrated the government and we’ll be living under Sharia law any day now.

The lack of mainstream media outrage at these unfounded and hysterical claims was noticeable to say the least. Whatever could be different this time? Oh right! A Democrat said it! I forgot. IOKIYAR – It’s OK If You’re A Republican.

The important part is McCain’s response (and what he doesn’t say):

“Occasionally he displays some erratic behavior.” Since when? Reid has a reputation for being insanely mild mannered. Last week, however, he got so angry, he used the word “poppycock” on the Senate floor. Yeah, Harry’s out of control.

“I think Harry might have gone over the line.” So Sarah Palin can accuse Obama of “paling around with terrorists” but accusing a known tax dodger (“It’s all legal!”) of dodging taxes is a just a bridge to nowhere too far? Really?

Notice that McCain entire response is to attack Reid on a personal level. The response from most of the right-wing has been the same; RNC chairman Reince Preibus even called Reid a “dirty liar.” Yet, John McCain, of the few public figures to have seen Romney’s tax returns just couldn’t bring himself to say “Harry Reid is lying.” Nothing he’s said contradicts Reid in any way. Why not? He would know, wouldn’t he? If he knows that Reid is lying, then he has every right to say so. Of course, if McCain says Reid is lying, Romney’s tax returns get out and it turns out Reid was telling the truth…well…

And that should tell you EVERYTHING you need to know about this “controversy.”

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