Brigham Young’s Great-Great Granddaughter On Why Romney Would Make A Frightening President

Religion is not supposed to play a role in politics, yet in recent years presidential candidates must prove that they are Christian. They must convince the nation of many faiths that they love Jesus.

We all know Romney is Mormon, yet he seems to be escaping the scrutiny. The main reason he’s getting the free pass is that the Tea Party would elect a slug just to push Obama out. No one will actually be voting for Romney, they’ll be voting for the party.

Since conservatives insist there is no war on women—despite the avalanche of anti-women legislation that proves otherwise—they really aren’t concerned with what a Mormon president would mean for women’s rights.

We’ve heard Romney say he would overturn Roe v. Wade after he said he would never take away a woman’s right to choose. We know he flip-flops and says whatever he thinks is going to get him in the White House.

We don’t need Romney to disclose how Mormons treat women. If you would like to research the religion, you can find a plethora of information on the Internet from ex-Mormons spelling it all out. It can be difficult to determine what’s true and what isn’t because the religion is veiled in secrecy.

Fortunately, we get a glimpse of what it is really like from Brigham Young’s great-great granddaughter, Sue Emmett, in a Daily Beast exclusive.

Emmett, now 71, is the founder of Exmormon Foundation and explains in this illuminating article how frightening a Romney presidency would be.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The church has astutely created a very benign image to the world. They spend millions of dollars a year doing this,” says Emmett, who was born and raised in Portland, Ore., and still lives there. “But there are things that go on inside the church that are hurtful to women. There are many women still in the church who have complaints about not having any real say in what goes on, but they have nowhere to go with these complaints.”

>Emmett says there is a lot of silent suffering among Mormon women, but she just reached a point where she couldn’t stay silent anymore.

Divorced from her husband of 34 years, who is still a Mormon, Emmett—the mother of seven grown children, five of whom are still in the church while two have left—says that “the one thing that finally put the arrow in me” was when she and her sister-in-law decided to start a retreat for Mormon women. Church leaders were not amused, she says.

“It was just a social and cultural thing,” Emmett explains. “We made a vow that we would never have anything at the retreat that was anti-church, it would just be a place for cultural events and sharing ideas. We had artists and guest speakers, including one woman who spent her life traveling around the world taking pictures of women and their cultures.”

Emmett says the retreat, which was held in an Oregon mountain lodge and typically attracted between 60 and 70 Mormon women, had feminist overtones, “but we never talked about problems at church. We did nothing wrong.”

Read the entire article: HERE

Women of any faith, as well as people who don’t follow any particular religion, need to be aware of what this might mean. It’s easy to say that it won’t play a part in politics but as we’ve seen, Christianity has played a very large role in the last two years. We can pretend and bury our collective heads in the sand and argue about it all day. In the end, a Mormon president who promises to defund Planned Parenthood and make abortion illegal, will not be a positive choice for women this November. This is not an indictment of all Mormons, rather it is an important consideration when looking at the character of Mitt Romney, which is in the body of the Daily Beast article linked above.


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Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of Ain’t No Sunshine: Men Reveal The Pain Of Heartbreak and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page