Hatemonger Bryan Fischer – Kidnapping Children From Same Sex Parents Is Like Freeing Slaves (TWEETS)

Thank goodness for the internet. In twenty years, when conservatives insist that they defended the rights of the LGBT community, we’ll be able to easily pull up the video, emails and tweets from prominent conservatives that say otherwise.

For instance, take these two tweets from one of the leaders of the religious right, Bryan Fischer:

Quick history lesson! The Underground Railroad was a series of safe houses and secret tunnels in the South that helped escaped slaves make their way to the North where they could be free. It was one of the brightest spots in a dark time in our history. Fischer demeans the heroism of those that risked everything by comparing their work with the vile criminal act of his “Head of Underground Railroad.”

Fischer is referring to Kenneth Miller who, in 2009, helped Lisa Miller (no relation) kidnap Isabella Miller-Jenkins and flee to Nicaragua. Ms. Miller had been in a same sex relationship with Janet Jenkins until Miller denounced homosexuality. Miller tried to have Jenkins’ visitation rights revoked but lost several cases in family court. Mr. Miller, an Amish-Mennonite had Miller and her daughter taken over the border to a Canadian airport where they took a flight to Nicaragua, where the Mennonites run a mission.

Ms. Miller has been indicted on international kidnapping charges but has not yet been apprehended.

Fischer is celebrating stealing away children to “protect” them from gay parents. Worse, he thinks it’s the moral equivalent of freeing slaves.

The second tweet refers to Robert Oscar Lopez, a sad and lonely man that blames his social awkwardness on having grown up with lesbian parents. This is, of course, ridiculous. Study after study  shows that children in lesbian households are perfectly well-adjusted and, as an added bonus, report zero child abuse. The same can not be said for “traditional” households. It’s a shame that, in his own words, “I had very few recognizable social cues to offer potential male or female friends, since I was neither confident nor sensitive to others.” But it seems unlikely that being raised in a home free of gender stereotypes renders one unable to associate with others. We’ve all met plenty of people that socially awkward, painfully so, and very few of them were raised in a same-sex household. Lopez is simply perpetuating the myth that all children need a proper male and female role model.

Fischer, of course, is more than happy to tout this outlier as “proof” that children need to be “rescued.” Just like slaves. The hate and ignorance is palpable.

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