‘Intelligent Design’ Not Enough For Creationists, Now The Push For ‘Divine Mathematics’

For years now we have seen people seeking to push the bible into the science classroom. However, the move in recent years to push the religiously based ‘charter school’ system has opened up a new front in the war to erode critical thinking skills. No longer satisfied with pushing the rubbish of Creationism or abstinence only health education, now a new model is out, attacking the foundation of mathematics itself.

The A Beka Book company provides a great deal of the literature for these religious schools. We come to expect dominionists to push for their lies about science and history, but the A Beka Book company produces a whole range of dominionist school textbooks, including a revisionist form of mathematics not based on logic nor reason but instead “mathematics are a creation of God and thus absolute.”

Here is an example, taken from the A Beka Book piece titled “The Christian Approach to Elementary Math” originally published in 1980 and still used in their latest titles:

We are unabashed advocates of traditional math, not only because the students learn something that can be built upon, but also because it accords with our Christian viewpoints on education. Only from a Christian perspective can the basic rationale — the intrinsic reasonableness of traditional elementary math — be seen and appreciated. Traditional math will not succeed unless it is taught with the conviction that something more than arbitrary process derived from arbitrary principles is at work. The elementary student does not need to “understand” 2 + 2 = 4 in order to learn it and use it; he will learn the abstract principles later. But the elementary student does need to see his multiplication tables as part of the truth and order that God has built into reality. From the Christian perspective, 2 + 2 = 4 takes on cosmic significance, as does every fact of mathematics, however particular.

Note they call their Divine Mathematics “traditional math” in order to make it sound acceptable to a particular group of people. They are targeting the easily deceived who then feel that they are trying to restore “tradition.” They even claim that a student does not need to understand 2+2=4, only to accept it as a sign of divinity.*

This is a drive to undermine critical thinking, to set in stone to never question nor understand the foundations. As a result, they become to accept things at face value, hurting their ability to think for themselves. A crowd of sheep, brainwashed by whatever their elders tell them.

Their goal is a generation who are nothing but slaves, who have no idea that they are enslaved in the first place. This is why it was a felony to educate a slave in the south before the civil war, and why a man like Frederick Douglass so terrified those who would form the Confederacy. Now they aim to create a new slave caste, one based on ill education and ignorance.

And they aim to use our tax money to create it.

*Of course, adding two and two does not always mean the result is four, as any mathematician can tell you. For example, if you switch to base 3 math, suddenly 2+2 becomes 11, in base 4 it becomes 10. While an elementary student does not study different base mathematics, they need to understand the math itself, as these different base maths are the foundation of our technologically driven society. The computer that you and I both are sitting in front of at this moment works based on a combination of multiple base maths, base 2, base 8, and base 16. Without understanding the mathematical foundation, by just attributing it to divine providence, you cannot grasp the basics needed to work in the increasingly interconnected world we have today.