Kansas Doctor Under Attack For Not Forcing Ten Year Old Rape Victim To Give Birth

Author: August 9, 2012 6:46 pm

As the anti-choice crusade continues throughout GOP controlled states, Dr. Ann Neuhaus bravely took up the cause of women’s rights after Christian jihadist Scott Roeder murdered Dr. George Tiller in 2009. Now, Dr. Neuhaus may lose her license for the “sin” of not forcing a mentally ill ten year old to carry her uncle’s baby to term.

You read that correctly; there are people in Kansas who think it is proper that a 10 year should have a child. Never mind the rape, incest and mental illness; a ten year old! Ten years olds should be learning how to put on make up and giggling over pictures of Justin Bieber, not learning how to change diapers. That should tell you just how diseased the anti-choice movement has become.

It’s so bad that state officials have attempted to prosecute a Planned Parenthood clinic for falsifying documents. Documents that the prosecution destroyed so they could not be examined.

Keeping this kind of potentially illegal activity, Operation Rescue, a group that has an alarmingly high number of ties to various “isolated incidents” involving domestic Christian terrorism including Scott Roeder, must be somewhat confident.

Care2.com reports:

Operation Rescue filed a negligence complaint against Neuhaus alleging that her exams were not thorough enough to support her medical conclusions and her follow-up care was inadequate because she did not recommend counseling or hospitalization after each procedure.

Neuhaus offered a rebuttal of her own. “To even claim that isn’t medically necessary qualifies as gross incompetence,” said Neuhaus.  “Someone’s 10 years old, and they were raped by their uncle and they understand that they’ve got a baby growing in their stomach and they don’t want that. You’re going to send this girl for a brain scan and some blood work and put her in a hospital?”

The Kansas Medical Board, which includes a former lawyer for Operation Rescue, produced an “expert” that testified that abortion can never be considered to have a positive impact on a patient’s mental health. That, of course, is not the point being argued. The actual point is not whether abortion is a positive but if it is less of a negative than forcing a ten year old to give birth against her will.

This is what the fanatics of the anti-choice movement deliberately ignore: in their zeal to “protect” innocent children they would happily sacrifice other children. The “impartial” Kansas Medical Review Board has already declined to renew her license. If Dr. Neuhaus  loses her appeal, she permanently loses her ability to practice medicine and that’s the only thing that matters to the morally bankrupt pro-“life” movement.

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  • Who’s the Representative (Congress) from Kansas? Oh….that’s RIGHT! Mitch McConnell! Gee I wonder what HE thinks about this little pregnant 10-year-old girl in his state who was raped and impregnated by her UNCLE, that they’re actually discussing letting her carry to term??? But then, that’s where the TeaBillies fester and congregate. No WONDER they got Mitch McConnell to represent them!

  • And who is this ass-wipe of an uncle? Why is his name not on the national news? Why is he not getting the media attention instead of the doctor?

  • Why would anyone consider a fetus to be more important than a 10-year old? The fetus could self-abort anyway. Until it takes its own breath, it’s a part of her body and she gets to decide what happens to her body. All of it. Even the cute little humanoid parasite inside. I’m sure the spirit can hang out and wait for another body to be created for it if that one is made unavailable. We act like there isn’t enough to go around, including shells for spirits. Kinda silly.

  • I wonder how many of these sort of people would allow there own children to carry a child to term if raped,whether they would change there view then, its different to make someone else do it but unless they have been there, done that, then they can never say for sure what they would do under the same circumstances, its hard enough for a fully grown woman to go through rape and subsequent pregnancy, but a ten year old baby,for that’s what she still is, that is just so wrong, no person deserves to be raped, no person should be forced to have the baby of a rapist it only forces them to face that each and every day over and over again, I hope the uncle is prosecuted for such a sickening crime

  • What an injustice! And what is happening to this ‘Uncle’ that perpetrated such an awful crime against this innocent, sick young girl? Does he get off scot free?
    The poor girl needs help and should not have been forced to carry a baby; I hardly think the baby would go to term any way and it may have caused irreparable harm to the 10 year old and could have caused her death!
    The doctor should NOT be charged with a crime OR lose her license to practice medicine. Hopefully, things will go in her favor…….

  • This is SO reprehensible that I find words difficult. No Wonder those of us who are NORMAL find kris chins to be so disgusting. Pro Life? Whose Life? The baby who was brought on by RAPE? Fuckrischins. I am a proud nontheist. I would rather my family be raised to love ALL humans, than to have them “believe” that only krischins are worthy of love. fuhckrishins.

  • Has anyone mentioned the fact that the pregnancy could kill the 10-year old? Or that she won’t be able to give birth because her pelvis is still too narrow? She’s facing a C-section, which entails its own risks. That’s a blatant disregard for the health of the mother – in this case, another child. So who are they trying to protect? Are they really willing to sacrifice one child for another?

  • ::sarcasm:: Obviously God decided the girl needed to be pregnant and so used her uncle as His proxy for impregnating her as part of His divine plan that humans cannot understand.

  • This is where common sense comes in. Normally in cases like this it would a tragedy that a female was impregnated by her attacker. So wheres that at? She is 10. She was raped. Shes with child from her uncle. Why should anyone try and force her to have? Hasn’t she been forced enough?

  • I think this doctor did the right thing as well. I think the people that are contesting this need some medical attention mentally ASAP. It’s wrong they would rather ruin an innocent 10 year old living child’s life over a child who hasn’t made a presence yet. She was forced to do many things against her will, bc she was smaller, bc she was told to. Bc she was threatened. Why in the world would someone attempt to make her do something else she didn’t want to? Why should she have to bear a child that would live solely as a constant reminder of what her sick uncle did to her? She shouldn’t. Sure, that fetus didn’t ask to be made. But she didn’t ask to be raped and impregnated by her sick and twisted uncle. I believe her rights and well being are more important than that of the unknown fetus. I personally dont like abortion, however, I believe women have had to fight so long to be able to have rights in general. No one should take them away. And when they take your free will, and ability to make choices, or say yes or no, such as with this poor 10 year old, I believe she deserves to do everything she can to get her rights back. To be able to make choices without people telling her she can’t, or that it’s wrong. She needs to live in peace now. Get the help she needs and attempt to move on in life. I would hope that no one is cold hearted enough to picket outside this poor child’s house, but then I would be hoping too much for these inhabitants of America. 

  • Let me see–a child is raped by a relative, and people in Kansas think she should carry it…The pregnancy would do damage to her young body, possibly killing her. She is mentally impaired, so the process of pregnancy and childbirth could be terrifying. I think this might be a case when abortion truly is positive to her mental and physical health.

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