Wells Fargo Allegedly Fires Father Of Dying Daughter To Take Away Her Health Insurance (VIDEO)

According to a lawsuit filed in Palm Beach County, Wells Fargo fired a mortgage consultant just before his daughter, Mackenzie was scheduled to have cancer surgery. They then neglected to send Yovany Gonzalez, the plaintiff, his COBRA information. Mackenzie died a few months later.

From the Huffington Post:

Before Gonzalez was fired, Wells Fargo and United Health Care, the health insurer, asked Gonzalez’s wife “numerous questions” about Mackenzie’s treatment and made “several references … to the costs of her treatment,” the lawsuit states. Around that time, Gonzalez’s supervisor told Gonzalez that Wells Fargo was looking for reasons to get rid of him, according to the lawsuit.

“This was a loss of an innocent child’s life,” Jack Scarola, Gonzalez’s lawyer, told The Huffington Post. “There were [some] Wells Fargo employees who not only lacked compassion but seemed to have been motivated by entirely improper concerns about finances.”

Wells Fargo claimed that the firing of Gonzalez was for reasons unrelated to his health insurance. They claim that he had improperly filled out his time sheet.

When Gonzales lost his job, he also lost his family’s life insurance policy, meaning that there was no funeral coverage for his daughter.

Here’s a video from The Young Turks:

Currently, nearly 50 million people lack health insurance. Insurance companies can drop almost anyone for almost any reason. Had the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) been in effect when Mackenzie’s treatment was scheduled, she might be alive today. The law won’t go into full effect until 2014.

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