Paul Ryan Cracks Joke As 71 Year-Old Citizen Is Forced To The Ground (VIDEOS)

Author: August 11, 2012 6:04 pm

Image from the Associated Press.

The first video is self-explanatory, but I have transcribed as much of it here as possible because of the poor quality of the audiovisuals. This took place last fall at one of Congressman Rep. Ryan’s “Pay to Play” town hall meetings where he was discussing cutting Senior’s Social Security, and Medicare as a means of debt reduction. As you might imagine, one senior was not pleased.

Ryan: “Most of our debt in the future comes from our entitlement programs.”

Senior citizen: “Hey, (Garbled; Ryan continues to speak). I paid into that for 50 years, my unemployment and my Social Security and my Medicare, and now you’re gonna…” At this point you hear the police who are dragging him out shouting, “on the ground, on the ground”.

Ryan then jokes, “I hope he’s taken his blood-pressure medication”, and the room laughs with him.

Here’s the video:

The 71-year-old senior citizen was obviously unhappy about Ryan’s use of the word “entitlement” when he has paid, as all working people have, for the benefits he receives. It’s apparent that he went to the meeting to voice his opposition to that term being used; a view shared by many.

Ryan has a history of being booed and hissed at Town Hall meetings. He has told folks to leave and he progressed to having them arrested.  Here’s a video by showing three other people arrested for asking about jobs at the same gathering:

None of those arrested have yet identified themselves publicly. It’s embarrassment enough that the arrests happened at all…for asking questions of their elected representative.

Rep. Ryan has refused to address his constituents in the past and at this particular meeting, which was held at Klemmer’s Banquet Hall in Milwaukee, Ryan charged $15 to attend.  When some who had paid their money stood up and began to question Ryan about the jobless rate and the Bush Tax cuts, they found themselves under arrest.

To make a joke as a senior citizen is being shoved to the ground for vocalizing their concerns and questions to their Congressman Representative reveals much about Ryan’s character. In the last video, he actually waves to the reporters who are shaming him and the police officers for arresting people for no cause.


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  • Sovereign Voice

    There is much more that should be revealed about this story; the stories of the silent victims, and especially the story of the 71 yo senior citizen who witnessed the injustices imposed upon others and then chose to act despite his own endangerment. Please read his story that explains why he acted as he did. It is incredible!

    When the original news bleep came out last fall, it received next to no attention in the media.However, now that Mr. Ryan has been tapped as Romney’s Vice President running mate, it has become both just and urgent to expose this story, which transcends political games and shines the light of truth upon the character of a potential future leader of our country.
    The comments on this page have prompted more information and as a responsible writer, I am going to provide details to the best of my ability. Please see the link at the bottom of the article for facts you don’t want to miss on this topic. Please counter all attacks from trolls with informed data, and keep up the good fight for our country!

  • Did he have them hold him down and cut his hair?

  • That wasn’t a Town Hall meeting. That was a lecture they paid to attend. But “Pay to Play” is perhaps false advertizing – if they’ve paid to “play” they should be allowed to speak? Or “play” should be better defined. And calling it a “Town Hall meeting” is very misleading…

    Let the lecturer finish his dictation, take notes, then, once back in a public and free venue, talk to him about your concerns. If and when he still doesn’t listen, get him out of this position of power he currently has.

    My heart goes out to the old guy, and the folks who tried to speak up at the lecture. I hope there are ACTUAL Town Halls for them to attend…

    • Sovereign Voice

      This was the only public event Ryan had for his constituents during the summer break, and there were none that were free. It was his speech that was titled “Pay to Play”. It was held at the Rotary club but took the format of a Town Hall, except that Ryan has redefined what that means. His first two years in office he held town halls, but when he encountered protesters because of his radical voting record and his Ryan budget plan, he began to make himself inaccessible to the people he represents. There is an update at the top of the page that gives more information about Tom Neilsen, the victim, including the fact that he had a broken shoulder at the time. Ryan’s office’s reaction to the abuse is also in the update.

      • Neilsen brought the problem onto himself by bursting into a fit of rage. There’s a time and place for expressing yourself, as well as a proper way to do it. Actually, Neilsen’s behavior made him look bad – it always does – and any point he tried to make was lost. Right or wrong in his cause, the video looks bad for him, and it cannot be used against Ryan. An objective viewer would see Ryan as the victim of an attack by a rude, unruly miscreant.

        • You are TRULY an idiot.

          • Given that you spoke of the elder man as “a rude, unruly miscreant,” it seems to me you are a name caller too so please apply your “drunk and stupid” description to your own self.

            If you truly think it is OK to manhandle an old guy and arrest him for being a tad rude during a speech, then you are the kind of person I find despicable. Attitudes like yours will enable evil to reign.

      • Also, Ryan brought on a violent assault because of “his radical policies?” Like it was okay for Neilsen to do what he did? And radical policies according to whom? That’s open for debate, and even if the public agrees and gives Ryan the boot, there is never, ever a justification for Neilsen’s behavior. None. Never. Ever. Are you a tolerant progressive liberal who believes that being civil is what it’s all about? What if a right winger screamed at Obama and a defender said, “of course, Obama had it coming. He’s a radical?” You’ve got to be kidding.

  • Really? this is the ruining-mate of the Mittster? Seriously? He would’ve had better luck with joe the plumber than this fucktard. even hitler would be say “I killed millions of jews,homosexuals,old folks, children, but even I think that’s fucked up”.
    They handed us Palin and we laughed, they handed us the Dick with the bush, now they hand us the Ryanator sent from the future to our past to make our future look like it did during the depression of the 20’s-30’s, He’ll be back for your foodstamps next… coming to a voting booth near you soon…lol VOTE THIS SHIT OUT BEFORE IT GETS IT’S “MITTS” ON YOUR FUTURE.

  • Whats big deal about Ryan having people removed from a townhall meeting? Herman Cain did it, Allen West did it ,many congressmen in midwest did it over years I remember seeing videos in 2010 election showing voters asking unpleasant questions and instead of an answer they were escorted out of the meeting.I just love the GOP tactics of using security to get rid of uncomfortable situations.

    I see posts stating what nice folks mr Ryan and his family are and what beautiful people mr Romney and his family were, well maybe this isn’t same thing but during 1933 to 1945 some dude names Adolph Hitler was leader of Germany and many Nazis and their wives said how charming caring understanding and what a great statesman and host this evil man was, I guess when you are in a group of your own believers and supporters you do seem like a angel to them its sadly not what the majority of the other people do see.

    Mr Romney reminde me of a slick Willie a used car salesman way he talks and handles himself, people say what a grteat honest man he is and how he created jobs, well Id bet 20 bucks he killed more jobs then he created while with Bain Capital .
    I had a friend almost like Mitt ROmney and Bain Capital, my friend was a business man he owned a small chain of resturants in a city called Edmonton, Alberta well when his businesses started to suffer hed order huge orders from his wholesalers in groceries and supplies on the failing resturants then bankrupt them hed then haul all the groceries and supplies to the resturants which were still operating and doing well and the wholesalers who suppled him the groceries and supplies took a hit and hed open more resturants under new name and get credit at the wholesalers and do it again and again.and in 2003 he sells his resturants and comes out of it as a multimillionare courtesy of his being such a crook, and the people and businesses he ripped off. reminded me of Mr Romney and Bains, they buy a company load it up with debt then kill it bank the money they borrowed and sell off the remains of the company leaving suppliers and banks taking a huge hit and the workers losing their jobs and having their pensions plans closed and all the money passed on to Bain Capital, and people will/would vote for a man like this? and what will he do to you? getting SS benefits enjoy them if Mittens and his buddy Ryan get in they wanna privatise the SS fund meaning a private company and person will run it make a fortune off managing it and if stock market drops so does your investment if it aint broke leave it alone Id say, and am so glad I dont live in USA its a scary time, if MIttens gets elected in 3 years I can see nuculear war as Israel attacke Iran and remember mr Romney promised Israel on his visit if im president ill back you up, so the USA would be in another war and maybe with world wide consequences then we will all say “God Help us!!”

    • 100% spot on, Blairregina, that is what we can expect with the R&R (Robbers and Reckers). This is one scarey time, I cannot figure out what half of the people are thinking, that they are willing to throw away the future.
      Mitt Romney was not a businessman; he was a master financial speculator who bought, sold, flipped, and stripped businesses. He did not build enterprises the old-fashioned way — out of inspiration, perspiration, and a long slog in the free market fostering a new product, service, or process of production. Instead, he spent his 15 years raising debt in prodigious amounts on Wall Street so that Bain could purchase the pots and pans and castoffs of corporate America, leverage them to the hilt, gussy them up as reborn “roll-ups,” and then deliver them back to Wall Street for resale — the faster the better.

  • Interrupting and screaming is not the way to make your point. When you do that, you lose credibility. It’s obvious that you don’t want anyone to hear what your opponent is saying, and that is anarchic behavior. You are the loser. These videos do not discredit Ryan’s ideology or plans for the country, they show a bunch of childish people who want everyone to just shut up so they can have what they want. The New Media – begun by talk radio and followed up by cable news shows and the BIG DESTROYER of propaganda, the Internet, has changed the game in a bad way for the left. Things are going on that are beneath the radar of the push polls that are done to quiet the nervous left wing masses. An object analysis of Ryan’s plan, compared in an intelligent way to the Democrat’s plan, is what is needed. The left can’t afford that, it would expose their collection/redistribution plans.

  • I’m not a fan of Ryan’s policies, but to be fair, this guy was disrupting the event. If he had waited his turn and asked in a civil matter, he wouldn’t have been arrested.


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