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  1. dmarr
    August 12, 2012

    This entire article is woefully incorrect and the fact that someone who isn’t even a pilot is fearmongering like this is outrageous. Outsourcing has little to nothing to do with aviation accidents. Aside from sabotage, there is never one single cause for any air crash and anyone who says otherwise has only the knowledge of aviation that a wikipedia article provided. The only crash that could be remotely linked to outsourced maintenance is the ValuJet crash, but the improper installation of the oxygen generators was only one of several factors that brought that aircraft down. Consequently, regulation of outsourced maintenance and the design and installation of oxygen generators was increased in the wake of this crash.
    Almost all regional carriers are wholly owned and operated by larger mainline or “Legacy” carriers and are required to abide by the exact same maintenance rules as every transport category aircraft, including being on a continual aircraft maintenance program (CAMP) which is certified by the FAA for each carrier. Accidents involving regional aircraft generally stem from inexperienced pilots and conditions at the smaller airports the operate into, not from inadequate or improper maintenance procedures.
    As a member of the aviation industry I can say without question that this industry is nowhere near being “gutted to the core”. That is a blatant lie. The FAA is in the process of upgrading the entire airspace system of the nation in its NextGen projet, and commercial air traffic is growing every year. The aviation industry is one of the most virulent in this country and contributes untold ssums to the economy. The industry did not reduce safety oversight in the slightest manor since it does not have the power to do so. The FAA regulates every aspect of aircraft maintenance, for good reason, and airlines have no choice but to abide by the strictest safety standards on the planet.
    As a commerical pilot myself I can personally say that pilots do not write off commercial airlines because of the low salary. Aviation is in your blood, it’s something that infiltrates your very being. If you go through the training in order to become a commercial pilot, you do not make choices based on money. There is no pilot who would “shy away” from a job at United simply because the pay was low.
    Airlines do not, and cannot cut corners on safety. There is a reason that the US has the safest airspace in the world. It’s because safety in engrained into every aspect of flight. From the moment someone enters the industry “safety” is the only thing they hear and the only thing that matters. This has been a progression over the past century hat builds off of every mistake made to create and even safer system.
    I know I’m forgetting points I wanted to make, but I simply couldn’t sit here and let someone with absolutely ZERO knowledge of my industry vilify it and make it seem as if the safety of every flying passenger is not the top priority. This article was a half hearted attempt at stirring up fear that was incorrect,in poor taste, and awful grammar.

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