Tim Pawlenty Accidentally Endorses Obama 2012

He may as well have, after today’s train wreck appearance on the George Stephanopoulos program ‘This Week’.

Mitt’s refusal to take part in the tradition of transparency his father began in 1967 already has him in quite a bit of hot water with voters, but that didn’t stop Tim Pawlenty from admitting that he had to produce several years of tax returns for the VEEP vetting process. While he refused to disclose the exact number of returns, the quote “I gave him a bunch of tax returns” is certainly not going to aid Romney’s campaign team in their frantic attempts to get us talking about something elseanything other than the secrecy surrounding their candidates finances.

You can watch the interview here:

As we reported this past Friday, even Romney’s biggest supporters have joined the public outcry demanding more tax returns – making this scandal unexpectedly bipartisan. How long can Mitt hold off? What could be more damning than telling the electorate to, essentially, mind our own damn business?

It’s become increasingly clear that despite Mitt’s best efforts to frame this issue as one of “privacy”, even the rabid extremists that form the base of today’s right-wing aren’t too comfortable with eschewing this gesture of good faith to the American people. Combined with his running mate’s disastrous budget that would allow millionaires like himself to get away with paying less than 1% in taxes, not to mention killing Medicare, this does not bode well for his chances in November.

No wonder voter suppression is so popular this year.

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