Warfare Between The Classes

Author: August 12, 2012 6:55 am

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We hear it all the time from Republicans, that the poor are waging class warfare against the rich and that any taxes levied against the rich are no more than a redistribution of wealth. I reject this Republican claim and contend that the wealthy are the ones waging class warfare and they are doing it with the complete backing of the GOP. It’s no secret that Republicans are on the side of wealthy people. It keeps their pockets filled. But how has this class warfare, perpetrated by the wealthy and right-wing, harmed the rest of us?

According to the most recent information, the Forbes 400 now have a greater net worth than the bottom 60% of U.S. households combined. In 2010, total net worth of the Forbes 400 reached $1.37 trillion. The net worth of the entire bottom 60% of households? $1.22 trillion. That’s 2.3% of the total wealth in America. The other 40% of households including the Forbes 400 have a combined wealth of about $52 trillion. I don’t care what anybody says, that’s a hell of a lot of cash. Clearly, the top 40% of Americans have the lions share of wealth, while the majority of Americans are wallowing in or near the poverty line.

As soon as George W. Bush crowned himself America’s king in 2001, the wealthy declared war on the middle class and have been using Republican politicians as their generals in the field. All of a sudden, taxing the wealthy equaled wealth redistribution and screwing over the middle class became a game to the wealthy class. The goal of the wealthy and the Republican Party was simple. Run up the national debt, blame the middle class, claim that lowering taxes on the wealthy would solve all of our fiscal problems, and then punish the middle class repeatedly to pay for the tax cuts. Before you wealthy jackasses object, consider these numbers. Let’s add up the many tax breaks for the wealthy and compare them to the costs of the many programs that Republicans want to wipe out.

-The per year cost of recent tax cuts for millionaires’ estates totals $11.5 billion. To pay for that, Republicans are calling for the end of Early Childhood programs which conveniently total $11.2 billion. What a coincidence, wouldn’t you say?

-The cost of allowing mortgage interest deduction for vacation homes comes out to a ten-year price tag of $8.9 billion. The program Republicans want to cut to pay for this is low-income housing which totals the exact same amount, $8.9 billion. Republicans expect the poor to live in cardboard boxes so that their wealthy friends can have their vacation homes. Nice, right?

– $6.7 billion. That is the cost of “estate planning” techniques used by the wealthy to avoid taxes. To pay for this, Republicans are setting their sights on taking away supplemental nutrition for poor families, better known as WIC which equals $7.6 billion. Making sure the wealthy do not pay taxes on their huge mansions is more important to Republican lawmakers than feeding poor children. And they say abortion is cruel. Try starving to death. Meanwhile, the wealthy and their Republican lackeys dine on imported lobster, grossly expensive wines and champagnes, and many of the most expensive foods money can buy, and many even employ their own personal chefs. That’s what our tax dollars are paying for now.

-The cost of removing the limit on itemized deduction for high income taxpayers totals $5.2 billion. But Republicans have a plan to pay for that too, by stripping the $4.6 billion of vital funding to teacher training and after school programs. Again, Republicans are willing to punish kids and destroy our educational future for the sake of removing a limit on itemized deductions. Republicans must really hate kids to be able to pull the trigger on that. The wealthy meanwhile, send their kids to high-priced exclusive private schools while trying to destroy the public school system that serves that rest of us. The wealthy and Republicans apparently think that you should only be allowed an education if you’re rich.

– The total amount of tax breaks for offshore operations of US financial companies is $4.1 billion. That’s precisely the cost of a program that provides job training for the unemployed and new workers. So, on top of outsourcing that kills jobs and union busting which destroys benefits and pay, Republicans are willing to spit on the unemployed even MORE just to give tax breaks to the huge financial companies that have nothing better to do than to gamble with our money and cause economic meltdowns.

Are you infuriated yet? Do you get what Republicans and the wealthy are doing? If not, continue reading, because the wealthy and GOP are far from finished.

-Tax breaks for oil companies, which includes write-offs for oil drilling and oil well costs total $4.9 billion. Apparently, oil companies can’t survive in the free market and must have government assistance through tax breaks and subsidies. How will they possibly pay for this? Well, they will partly pay for it by eliminating $2.5 billion in low-income home energy assistance grants to poor families. So, Republicans care about big oil, but they don’t give a damn if children freeze to death during the winter. And Republicans wonder why some poor women choose abortion. Why watch your child freeze to death and suffer later in life when an abortion would have been a more humane option? Makes sense to me.

-Extending alcohol fuel tax breaks has a price tag of $4.9 billion, but Republicans once again have a solution to pay for this. Cut the $2 billion worth of assistance grants for the homeless. So, since most of the homeless are former military veterans, this means Republicans hate the men and women who fight for this country but absolutely love tax breaks for alcohol fuel companies. Apparently, its ok to punish people for being homeless. Republicans and the wealthy could give jobs to these unfortunate people but why offer a job to a homeless American when you can bring in illegal immigrants as slaves to do things around your house.

-A tax loophole for managers of hedge and private equity funds costs $2.3 billion. To make up for this loophole, Republicans want to cut community health centers, which would bring in $2.5 billion. Gee, who would have guessed that Republicans would support greedy, slimy hedge fund managers that sit on their asses all day doing nothing but gambling with other peoples’ money instead of supporting facilities that provide health care to communities? It just boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

-The cost of allowing companies to write off punitive damages is $312 million. Punitive damages are compensation awarded to those who are injured on the job or abused. Companies can write off their own negligence. Can you believe that?! And they pass off the costs of their negligence to the rest of us, meaning they don’t really pay the damages. We do it for them. That’s outrageous. To pay for this little travesty of a deduction, Republicans are sacrificing legal services for the poor which costs $420 million. That’s right folks, if you are poor and cannot afford an attorney, one will NOT be appointed for you because the funding to pay for it will no longer exist. That wealthy guy who had you arrested has a high-priced attorney, but you get nothing, you’re on your own. So if you are arrested and cannot afford an attorney, you’re screwed. This is absolute crap. People should have the right to an attorney no matter how poor they are. Period.

-And finally, the cost of special tax breaks for the timber industry equals $303 million. To pay for this, Republicans are eliminating Title X Family Planning funding that costs $317 million. Party of family values my ass. Not only do they hate trees, they hate families too. It’s too bad the parents of these Republican monsters didn’t abort them. Think of all the families that would be spared from all of these cuts.

The final totals are very clear. All the tax cuts, tax breaks, tax deductions and loopholes cost $42 billion. The cuts that Republicans intend to make to cover these tax breaks total $44 billion.

How much more proof will it take to show that the wealthy and Republicans have teamed up to wage war on the rest of us? What if I told you Republicans support taxing the Girl Scouts but oppose taxes for corporations? Because that’s also happening. What if I stated that GE and several other corporations got away with paying ZERO taxes last year? Is that enough to piss you off? Is that enough iron clad evidence for you? I’m appalled that any so-called American could sit back and completely support this. Middle class income has done nothing but decline over the last decade, while the wealthy have seen their incomes skyrocket. The wealthy have eaten high on the hog during this recession while we the people are forced to eat mud. Are we mad as hell yet? Are we ready to act on our anger yet? It’s time we all take to the streets. It’s time we stop supporting corporate interests. Shop farmer’s markets, grow gardens, make clothing, work from home if you can. Most importantly, get out there and make your voices known!


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  • Captain America

    I disagree. I think violence is the only thing the rich will understand. What else is possible? How do you reach someone so insulated? What’s sad is that it will take an economic collapse before the middle and poverty level will act. It’s hard to be interested in reality tv when your stomach is empty, your children are starving and you cannot find or buy food. Short of that nothing will ever be done.
    It’s become en vogue to exploit the poor. Having someone work at wal-mart for less than livable wage while turning in record profits shows where their priorities lie. How much money does someone need? At what point is it embarrassing?

  • Fallingspider

    Wait untill their greed crashes the market, and all their wealth means nothing.

  • let group up all of us that had enough get 100000 with pitch forks
    to go to washington
    mak a ring around washington
    and every day step up closer until the whitehouse knows

    the pitchforks are comming
    and pitch all of them out
    30 days later we have our country back after all
    will they shoot poeple with pitchforks?????

  • To those who do not believe violence is the answer: No, it isn’t always the answer, but sometimes violence is necessary. The English monarchy in the 1700’s was not near as oppressive as the Republican Party has been in the present day, and yet the founding generation went to war with England. We wouldn’t even be a country, had we not used violence. We can stress education all we want, but the problem is that Republicans are trying to take that away too. We can peacefully demonstrate all we want too, but corporations and republicans don’t seem to care about that either and are in fact trying to take that right away as well, and have even threatened peaceful demonstrators with military action. They’ve taken off the gloves, so should we. This is one moment in our history when we should actually fight for the future we want for our children. Peaceful demonstration will not deter Republicans from trying to slam harmful legislation downs our throats, and once we lose important programs and rights, it is damn hard to get them back. They have no interest in compromise and have made it clear that they only care about what their conservative base wants, not what the American people want. The time to fight back is now, before its too late.

    • Second Amendment Democrat

      Excellent post, SDF. It is a Tree of Liberty moment in American history. It’s been tried before (hell, Franklin and Jefferson warned about corporate greed and attempts to own the government.) “From time to time…”

  • @Zizzle. Yes they have broken laws, MANY of them. See this article from April 2010 by Matt Taibbi (Rolling Stone).


    And then watch the video “Inside Job”. If the first link doesn’t work for you (it does take a long time to load and start), try the second link. Although I don’t encourage violence, this whole thing has made me VERY angry. (Que Sera Sera.)


    If that link won’t work for you try this one: http://www.openculture.com/2011/04/inside_job.html

  • Working Class Warrior

    One of the most important things on the net right now. Fighting for economic equality is at it’s core essentially a matter of freedom and slavery. Slavery never ended in this country; it simply took on a different form. We have to fight back, and as Egypt proved, all it takes is one person to speak out and act. Us rising above is something the elites don’t anticipate; they think we’ll just join the line and sign our names.

  • You had me until you invoked the French Revolution. War is not the answer to this problem, education is. We need to educate people about the atrocities and injustices that you listed.

    And I would like to point out that the right to an attorney is a Constitutionally protected right, which you did not note.

  • Up until the last paragraph there, I was totally with you. But, it sounds like you ARE advocating for violence – I mean, the French Revolution wasn’t pretty, and it didn’t end with the king and queen. Tens of thousands were killed. Violent revolutions are a slippery slope – look at Libya compared to Egypt for example.

    Also, unfortunately, the rich haven’t really broken any laws – which is the problem; the lawmakers have protected them from litigation (i.e. Justice). But, since we are a government OF the people, WE need to step up and become the lawmakers, and fight for and against everything we can along the way – not drag “carcasses” from homes into streets… It does not help our cause to use violent rhetoric, especially after the Gabrielle Gifford shootings. PEACEFUL resistance, PEACEFUL civil disobedience – these are the tools of real change. Look at Egypt: Peaceful. Gandhi: Peaceful. Martin Luther King: Peaceful. And those movements were not just successful – they rightfully lead the world to support their causes. If we want to claim the moral high-ground, we have to STAY on the moral high-ground at all times.

    We ARE angry, and we have every right to be, but we can’t channel that anger into violent 1700’s style revolutions. This is modern times after all, and we’re all fighting for peace as it is. Peace begins and ends with each one of us. I agree – we SHOULD take to the streets, as we have been for the last few weeks, and even more so, every week, more and more — but let’s just leave the “rich jackasses” *inside* their mansions, sweating instead of bleeding, as we do it. MASSIVE, PEACEFUL protests are the only way. It’s might take a bit longer, but at least it will be done right.

  • Are you people Spanish, salted, or just plain nuts…? Sociopaths, Nazis, etc., Wow.
    Everyone who’s not a victim, raise your hand…. uh huh, I see. Wow. Fascinating.

  • The worst part of all this is most liberals think only the neocons are to blame..

  • George Guadiane

    Republicans as a group, seem to have evolved into sociopaths.
    I looked up the defining characteristics of a sociopath on this site:
    AND, I think it aptly describes current Republican thinking and behavior.

    They have the gall to stand on the backs and necks of the working poor and complain about the “fact” that we don’t respect them.
    They have the ability to keep as much as they can and complain about how much we “take from society.”
    They don’t “feel our pain,” they feel OUR avarice. They think that we should be content to work in unhealthy, unsafe conditions at ever fewer jobs for ever decreasing salaries and thank them in the bargain.
    They ship our jobs off shore and expect us to be happy because the stuff we used to make is now cheaper to by (and in most cases of inferior quality).
    The list is nearly endless and they think WE are the problem.

  • Jon Bon Jovi

    I’ve been saying it for a while, we’re working out way towards a second revolution. It’s funny how often the premise is dismissed, because no one can fathom the American public getting off their asses and caring enough to demand the justice that the current system simply isn’t giving them.

    But the fact is that the seeds of revolution are slowly but surely being sown here. Whether it’s in two years, ten years, 30 years… The longer this crap goes on, the more likely a violent uprising becomes. Look at the Middle East. These people were repressed by dictators for years, forced to live in crushing poverty because they had no power. The same is happening here, where the money is the power and the people are being robbed of more and more of it.

    I’d like to state clearly that I don’t want a violent solution. Violence is the last thing that should be used to liberate Americans from the python grip of the wealthy and the right. It should be considered the final, desperate action when all other recourse has been exhausted. But should it come to such dire action, I don’t see any other way things can change.

    Let me come back to the wave of revolution that hit the Middle East. Anybody remember how the right reacted? They were horrified, they condemned the protests at every opportunity… They were part of secret terrorist plots to turn the Middle East into a cesspit of anti-Western sentiment. They were criminals, violating the code of law that was still law, no matter how oppressive. They were the bad guys, and the dictators were the good guys being victimized.

    Yet when the American colonies did the same thing in the latter half of the 1700s, we were freedom fighters. We were heroes, standing up to the oppressors and showing the power of the people. But since then, the right has been working at becoming the new oppressive power. Now they’re scared. They’ve seen what people can do when they band together, even when they have no means to defend themselves against military tech. They also know the world is watching, so they can’t simply crush the second American revolution. They can only try to prevent or forestall it.

    We’re living in historical times, and things are moving fast. The tide is coming, one way or another. Whether it’s a peaceful, genuine grassroots movement that sweeps the nation and sets about righting the wrongs, or a violent revolution to topple the status quo, SOMETHING is coming. The next few years are going to be some of the most important in recent history.

    If a revolution does occur, will it succeed? Only time will tell. The people have sheer numbers, and may even convince some groups of law enforcement/military branches to support them. But the power of the almighty dollar is legendary, and the bulk of the military, private security, law enforcement, and any PMC that’ll join up will be arrayed against the people, defending the elite.

    Only time will tell us how the class war will end, whether peacefully or violently, whether for the people or for the wealthy. But it’s coming to a breaking point. All it’ll need is that last straw.

    Good luck to all of us during these strange times.

  • You can count me in. I’m ready to fight and take back our country. These neo-cons are just as bad, if not worse, than the former german nazis. They are dangerous. They NEED to be stopped ASAP, or soon this country will be at war with itself, another revolution.

  • Second Amendment Democrat

    “I don’t like advocating violence but the wealthy have declared war on us, it’s time to declare war on them and fight back. Storm the residences of these greedy bastards, make a citizens arrest, drag their wealthy carcasses out of their sprawling mansions and seize all of their assets. Its time to show these pricks what redistribution of wealth REALLY looks like. And do the same thing to every Republican politician from the Atlantic to the Pacific. They want war, let’s give them war. There are millions of us and only a few thousand of them. It would be easy. Like taking candy from a bunch of spoiled babies who don’t have to fight tooth and nail to survive day after day. ”
    If only this were true. Unfortunately, those serious thieves have excellent bodyguard/bullet-proof glass/police/U.S. military protection. If you want to wage war, it must be guerrilla-style, carefully planned and executed single forays to eliminate the individual asshole. Group action will be considered ‘terrorism’ and countered with full military hardware, satellite overwatch and commando retaliation (though what they are doing to us is just considered “good business…”)

    George Carlin: “Death, violence and bloodshed. I don’t advocate it, but I see it’s the only way.”

    They are trying to own EVERYTHING -water, land, buildings, machinery, resources, and the only way to stop them is to stop them hard – and permanently. Legislation is useless, the wealthy ignore the ‘rules’ (even though they made them in the first place.) Only hardcore action can slow down the process.

    But Americans are pussies, and this is not going to happen, they have been put to sleep by the rhetoric, blinded by Fox propaganda and the redirection of education to avoid critical thinking. Nice play, GOPricks, fucked again by those who game the system.

    Act now, or these motherfuckers have won. They probably have anyway, but we should at least TRY…

    • if i thought that you would or could actually have the balls to back up these words, i would think you were an absolute evil sociopath. fortunately for society yours are the hollow ravings of a infantile pussy. you are not for the second amendment any more than you are for any other natural rights. as an owner of firearms myself, i’m relieved to know that you are not. paintball guns and video games don’t make you a badass, son. go back to sleep little boy, sweet dreams

      • @johnsmith, it sounds to me like you’re one of those right wing extremists that is stockpiling weapons for the day you get to go out and indiscriminately kill liberals whether they be men, women, or children. I have guns, so to say that Democrats don’t support the 2nd amendment is complete hogwash and only a moron with the brain the size of a pea would say the crap you do. If you want proof that I support the right to bear arms, come to my residence and find out. Jackass.

    • The Left Has Guns Too

      Where do I sign up? We talking Weather underground or real action?

      • I definitely understand where carlin is coming from, the fact is this is something that has played out again and again in history. building oppression and then revolution. are we as a country oppressed to the point where that is a viable possibility, I’m not sure. but it’s scary times at the capital, people need to educate themselves and look out for their best interests preferably with votes.

  • The Power of Revolution
    By Kevin Trask

    OH Wake from thy slumber, arise from thy rest.
    The dawn is upon us, Corruption abreast.
    It comes wrapped in freedom they are dumbing us down.
    They attack education, just look around.
    Our cities are falling, our road a wreak.
    There is no money to heal the sick.
    The richest have risen, the poor man is poorer,
    Take up thy weapon, its time for war.
    The Enemy triumphed, lets settle the score.
    We bailed them out, the company whores.
    They were kicking and scream, and asking for help.
    Now people are starving, they’ve tossed them out.
    They gave your jobs to foreign lands.
    They have stolen your homes, they stolen your land.
    It was all for profit, but look they still stand, in towering buildings across your land.
    We know their names, We know where they live.
    Now join together , lift up your shivs
    The army is coming, we are the free.
    The army shall join and all shall see,
    That freedom don’t come, with out a price.
    We must risk limb, and the blood of life.
    Heads will roll, they will wish less a plight.
    For stealing our homes and killing our life.
    They corrupt our money, both up and down.
    They said follow god, what are we clowns?
    The same story told hundreds of times.
    For thousands of years, the pantomime.
    It started with Horus they same stories told.
    For dumbing us down, and gaining control.
    Lets teach them guilt, and make them praise.
    An invisible man with an angelic gaze.
    They teach us morals, turn the other cheek.
    While asking for money, all for deceit.
    They will kick and scream, yell with abound.
    When we come together , to take them down,
    Republican -Dem they both except pay, and help from the corrupts. The American way.
    Can you see the writing? It’s there on the wall.
    Today is the day Corps must fall.
    They will bow to our whim, they shall give back.
    Lest the day of another, freedom attack.
    Marie Antoinette, Oh let them eat cake.
    Off with her head, mount on a steak.
    To this day, The Royals have learned.
    Be fair to the people, loyalty’s earned.

    Kevin Trask

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