We Are Woman March On Washington D.C. Saturday, August 18

As a result of the unprecedented attacks on women’s rights by the GOP, We Are Woman has organized an event to stand up and fight against the war being waged on women and our rights.

There are many on the right, including GOP women, who claim this War On Women isn’t real. They say it’s been manufactured by liberals as a tactic to distract voters. It is difficult to accept this argument when Republicans continue to introduce measures that strip away our freedoms and rights. From equal pay to calling unmarried, single mothers child abusers, it is clear the GOP has a goal and that goal will set us back decades if we don’t as women and as citizens, stand up and fight back.

I am happy to report I will be one of the many speakers in an impressive group of women. Some of the other speakers are:

  • Laura Mills – CODEPINK
  • Soraya Chemaly – Huffington Post
  • Bonnie Grabenhofer – Executive Vice President of NOW
  • Laura Meyers – CEO Planned Parenthood Washington D.C.
  • Chelsea Strayer – Mormons for ERA

See more speakers HERE

We are demonstrating as a direct result of the anti-women legislation, but it’s worth mentioning that Rush Limbaugh has had a part to play in all of this. By attacking Sandra Fluke and calling her a slut and a prostitute for nine hours on his radio program, he helped to shine a spotlight on the War On Women. In fact, Limbaugh has recently claimed he deserves a “finders fee” for catapulting Ms. Fluke into the center of this storm. Limbaugh is clearly a small part of what’s happening but as a misogynist with a platform, unfortunately, even some women buy into the garbage he sells.

The mainstream media doesn’t usually report on these demonstrations, so word of mouth and social media are the best ways to spread the word. I hope to see as many of you there as possible. If you live in the area, please drop by and show your support. This election is crucial. Vistit www.wearewoman.us for time and location.

Kimberley A. Johnson is the author of The Virgin Diaries and The Spokeswoman for Rock The Slut Vote, an organization standing up and fighting the war on women. Find her on Facebook, Twitter and “like” the Rock The Slut Vote Facebook page