Gunman Launches Failed Attack On Anti-Gay Organization

On Wednesday at approximately 10:45 AM, Floyd Lee Corkins II, 28, entered the Washington DC headquarters of the Family Research Council posing as an intern. The security guard asked Corkins where he was going and Corkins, after making some statements about how he disagreed with the FRC, opened fire. Despite being wounded in the arm, the guard managed to subdue the shooter regardless without further bloodshed. There were no other reports of injury and the guard is in stable condition.

The incident is being treated as domestic terrorism. What Corkins intended to do if he had succeeded in infiltrating the building is unknown and what his motivations were outside of disagreeing with the FRC’s policies is unclear.

While there is a lack of solid information on the attack, it will be interesting to see how the right-wing media responds. The left-wing media will, of course, denounce Corkins’ actions. Despite the Family Research Council being labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center, no one advocates violence and violent rhetoric is seriously frowned upon by liberal commentators and politicians. On the other hand, one finds the right drenched in violent rhetoric and right-wing extremists regularly target “dangerous liberal groups” like the Tide Foundation, Planned Parenthood clinics and, of course, Mosques (or a Sikh Temples mistaken as a Mosque). The usual refrain after these attacks is that it was an ISOLATED INCIDENT or the actions of a crazy person; any suggestion that it was politically motivated is “politicizing a tragedy” and liberals need to be ashamed of themselves.

Let’s see if the right wing media follows its own standards. Nope. I guess not.

Even if it turns out that Corkins really is a left-wing extremist of some kind, let us not forget that this actually is an isolated incident. There is no pattern of violence against right-wing targets. If the right explodes with indignation, as I suspect they will, remember, one-act of left-wing domestic terrorism is not the same as decades of right-wing extremism that has left a trail of dead and wounded across the country.

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