Polls Show 90% Of Americans Are Disgusted With Congressional Obstructionism

Author: August 15, 2012 9:48 pm

The 112th Congress. Image from http://www.ect.coop/public-policy-watch/legislation/stalemate-seen-in-new-congress

With Paul Ryan announced as the Vice Presidential candidate alongside of Mitt Romney, the Republicans were hoping to save a collapsing party ticket, catapulting the Republicans into both the White House, but also the Senate. However, instead the latest Gallup poll is demonstrating a general dislike with Congress, with approval in general down to 10%.

This of course comes as bad news for the Republicans, who were counting on Ryan’s popularity in Congress to bolster up the lackluster performance of Romney. Instead of the usual Vice Presidential announcement bump, instead we are finding a lackluster response, virtually unchanged. This of course bodes bad for the chances of the Republicans to even retain the House in the upcoming election.

Combine that with these new poll numbers, the risk to the majorities in the House is incredible. Add to it that it seems another independent is coming to the Senate, and that there are 17 Senate races up in the air, we are facing a potentially new race in only the last few weeks of this campaign season. Then there is the waning power of the Tea Party, which has lost its luster and now appears more closely aligned with radical elements, which hurts the ability to motivate an ill-educated base. Unless something changes soon, the Republicans are facing a very bad election season.

Of course the Republicans are hoping their ace in the hole is enough to win the elections, the voter purges with the goal to eliminate voters who would vote for Democrats. The general wish to eliminate the right to vote for groups not traditional Republican voters has resulted in suits against states engaging in illegal voter suppression tactics by the Department of Justice. The President is not pulling his punches here, the tactics of the past no longer are working for the Republicans, and Obama is clearly out to win.


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  • Not voting means no complaining for the next four years.

  • cravin moorehead

    Don’t say disparaging things about Congress. After all, Paul Ryan was one of the Congressmen that got so much done for us.

    During his tenure, he was the father of two new laws. One was of them was the naming of a post office and the other was making a tax exemption for archery arrows. (he is a bow hunter).

    When the public found out that Congressmen were exempt from the insider stock trading laws that the rest of us are governed by, Congress quickly cobbled a law together making it illegal for Congressmen to trade on stocks that their lawmaking might influence. Ryan added an amendment making it legal for Congressmen’s wives to STILL trade on those stocks. Ryan is a moral void.

    Ryan is a well known fiscal conservative. It is reflected in his present obstruction of ANY funds spent on the middle and working class and ANY funds that might stimulate the economy and create jobs.

    Although his voting record prior to the election of President Obama is a bit confusing to his conservative fans. They include “yes” votes on the following.

    A bridge to nowhere.

    An unfunded prescription drug plan that made it illegal for the government to shop for the lowest price for drugs.

    The war in Iraq.

    The war in Afghanistan.

    The TARP bail out.

    He didn’t always vote “yes”. For example he voted “NO” on the following.

    A law taking tax payer subsidies for insurance from the Congress.

    A defense spending freeze.

    A law making home mortgages tax deductible.

    A law that would fund teachers in order to avoid layoffs.

    The Patent Protection and Affordable Care Act.

    Ryan is an opportunist and a political hack, who is a self described devotee of the atheist, Ayn Rand.

    I could go on and on about why Congress has become such a disgusting republican cesspool and why Ryan is such a perfect republican, but I think I have given enough verifiable information to prove my point.

    All that is left of the republican party are the very, very rich and those stupid enough to vote republican and against their own best interests.

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