Ohio Republicans Pushing Modern Jim Crow Despite Voter Outcry (PETITION)

As we touched on earlier this month, the attack on early-voting is still in full swing despite various challenges from the Obama campaign and ACLU. Ohio’s electoral process has been under siege since last year’s voter suppression bill, HB194. The legislation sought to severely limit the early-voting expansions enacted by former Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, after the 2004 election saw lines so absurdly long that some voters weren’t even able to cast their ballot. After thousands of volunteers rose up in outrage and collected 307,358 verified signatures to place HB194 on the 2012 ballot for repeal, the Republicans – weasels that they are – decided they weren’t about to allow their constituents to decide for themselves whether early voting is important. In order to ensure this referendum did not make it to the ballot, they passed SB295, which only partially repealed the previous legislation – thereby invalidating the petition while keeping many of the discriminatory aspects it aimed to correct.

Secretary of State John Husted admitted to the Plain Dealer this past Tuesday that he is feeling the pressure from constituents this year, after he made his partisan bias shamelessly obvious in voting against progressive counties that were merely seeking the same evening and weekend hours the conservative counties enjoy.

“There’s nothing forthcoming and nothing in the near term as far as a directive on this matter,” Husted said in an interview, “but I will be listening to local boards of elections’ concerns on this issue.”

As Rep. Tim Ryan pointed out in the same article, these varying restrictions would obviously disenfranchise an unacceptable amount of swing-state voters during a presidential election; voters who, conveniently, tend to vote Democratic. Read the whole piece here.

One can’t help but wonder why, if conservative ideology is so justifiable and righteous, they insist on sabotaging elections and running wildly fictitious campaign ads in an attempt to fool people into supporting their agenda. Make no mistake, this is exactly what they’re doing – if you held any doubt that the GOP voting restrictions being implemented across the country were specifically targeting Democrat voters, just listen to Pennsylvania Rep. Mike Turzai boast about exactly that.

It’s almost as if they realize that conservative policies are so draconian, their only chance at a victory this November is dependent upon cheating and suppressing the vote of anyone likely to disagree with them.

There is still time to prevent this injustice, by encouraging the Cuyahoga County Board of Elections to demand that John Husted right this egregious wrong. Sign the petition, share it widely and help Ohio vote fairly. Even if you aren’t an Ohio resident, in the words of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.

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