Paul Ryan Says He Didn’t Mean To Ask For Stimulus Funds (VIDEO)

During an interview Saturday, Paul Ryan tried to explain why he, while calling the stimulus a “wasteful spending spree,” also obtained $20 million in stimulus grants.

“My office sends tens of thousands of letters to various federal agencies. This went through what we call my case work system, where it was treated as a case work request for a constituent. It wasn’t my intention to send letters supporting the stimulus.” Ryan voted against the Recovery Act in 2009, and claims that, “I didn’t know about those letters until very recently when they were brought to my attention because they went through our constituent case work system and I take full responsibility for that. The point I’m trying to make is, the stimulus was a failure.”

In an interview with a local ABC news affiliate, however, he directly says he did not ask for stimulus funds (about 3:50 in).


The AP was quick to point out his apparent dishonesty:

Ryan’s statement directly counters the evidence of four letters obtained by the AP which the congressman wrote to Energy Secretary Steven Chu, praising energy programs supported by the stimulus and requesting funds for initiatives in his district.

Ryan’s private praise for Department of Energy programs and his written requests for stimulus funds contradict not only his public criticism of the 2009 stimulus bill, but also many of the budget priorities he has laid out, including cuts to investments in green technologies.

Raising further questions about the vice presidential candidate’s claim today that he never sought stimulus money, Ryan spokesman Brendan Buck referred AP to previous explanations by the congressman’s office that by requesting funds Ryan was simply “providing a legitimate constituent service.”

Apparently he never saw these:

Note the differences in signatures, indicating that they were hand-signed. It is a possibility an aide signed them. The video below shows Ryan quickly attempting to cover his mistake.

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