Police Shoot And Kill Mentally Ill Man – Over 30 Shots Fired (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

A man in Saginaw, MI was shot a minimum of 30 times by six police officers. 49-year-old Milton Hall was described by his family as having serious mental health issues.

After allegedly having a run in with a convenience store clerk, Hall engaged the police in a standoff. He was reportedly brandishing a knife. The police asked Hall to put the knife down and he refused. He was confrontational with police and even encouraged them to let the police dog go to him.

“Let him go. Let him go. Let the mother****ing dog go.”

A witness said Hall was in a “karate stance.”

Then, there was a barrage of gunfire. Saginaw news reported 46 shots were fired at the man. CNN counted at least 30 shots.

His mother, after viewing the video, described the scene as “a firing squad dressed in police uniform.”

A police spokesman stated that Hall had a long history with police, but that doesn’t answer why six police officers with a dog weren’t able to apprehend a man carrying only a knife as a weapon.

Here’s the video:

The shooting occurred on July 1st, 2012. Investigators appear to be dragging their feet in the investigation. It is just now being reported in national news.

Nearly one in four adults in the US is estimated to suffer from a mental illness. Nearly one in 17 adults suffers from a serious mental illness, like schizophrenia, yet the majority are not treated.

Beginning in the 1970s and peaking during the Reagan administration, mental health care facilities became victim to budget cutting measures. Without adequate treatment many mentally ill people began having run ins with law enforcement, who are typically insufficiently trained to deal with the mentally ill. Instead of help, mentally ill people are being jailed along side violent criminals, or worse, as the above video demonstates.

The Affordable Care Act will make it easier for mentally ill people to receive care, but problems like this will continue in states that opt out of ‘Obamacare.’ Of course, the healthcare plan doesn’t address law enforcement training.

But even the inadequacies of our current mental health system don’t explain why as many as 46 bullets were fired at a man armed with just a knife. It also doesn’t explain why the mourning community isn’t finding any answers.

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