Family Research Council Action PAC Endorses Todd Akin’s Comments

Todd Akin garnered support today from the Family Research Council Action PAC for his statements regarding “legitimate rape” flawed science. The FRC has often called into question regarding the morality of providing abortions for pregnant rape victims, so their defense of the Senate candidate comes as little surprise.

President of the FRC Action PAC Connie Mackey released a statement today  claiming “This is another case of ‘gotcha politics’ against a conservative leader.” She further attempted to dismiss the public outcry over his use of the phrase “legitimate” as a qualifier for rape, and defending his flawed scientific arguments. Mackey’s statement championed Todd Akin as having a “long and distinguished record of defending women, children and families,”  despite his comments and actions clearly showing otherwise.

Referring to the discredited Planned Parenthood sting tapes, Mackey attacks Akin’s competition saying “When speaking about the issue of rape, let’s not forget the cover-up of statutory rape by Planned Parenthood, which to my knowledge has not been addressed by Senator McCaskill.” This is of course normal for the FRC, long labelled as an anti-homosexual hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

So that’s it folks. We were all wrong — Akin is a champion for women’s rights! The FRC says it, so it makes perfect sense right?

Ayla Ryan can be found on facebook. She is currently working with two other people to start For Esmee a foundation designed to give young victims of sexual abuse hope for the future while they fight through the legal system.