Ryan Co-Sponsored Todd ‘Legitimate Rape’ Akin Bill To Redefine Rape

Todd Akin has made national headlines recently due to his anti-woman comments claiming that raped women could prevent unwanted pregnancies. This is not, however, a new position for him to hold. In the early days of the 112th Congress, Todd Akin introduced H.R.3, titled the “No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion Act.” In this act, he sought to introduce his concept of the “forcible Rape” into law. This section of the bill was eventually struck out by the House itself before they passed it. However, when it was originally proposed with that language still intact, the bill had already garnered several co-sponsors.

Among those, one Congressman Paul Ryan of Wisconsin.

As found in section 309, subsection (1) of the bill, by introducing “forcible rape” into law, Akins and Ryan would have created a new set of problems for women who have already suffered the most brutal and devastating of crimes against them. Now they would have to prove if it was forcible rape or not. They would be abused yet again, put on trial as it were to prove if their rape was “forced” or not.

Rape is the most atrocious of crimes one can do to another human being. A man being raped, however, does not have to contend with being used as a walking life support system for their attacker. Women do not have that luxury, contrary to Congressman Akin’s claims.

This continuing attack on women’s rights by the Republican Party is further eroding their base, and calls into question if they can remain a viable political force in the future. With their donations already down, the California GOP collapsing, Romney potentially off of the Washington State ballot, and party members fleeing to 3rd Parties, one must wonder how much more can the GOP handle before becoming another party which has come, and gone, from American politics?