BREAKING – Todd Akin Reaffirms That He Is Staying In The Race (VIDEO)

The hopes of the Republican leadership for a quick transition from Todd Akin to another, party-boss approved candidate were dashed this morning when the Senate candidate released a new TV spot:

By asking for forgiveness, the embattled Missouri congressman is hoping to bring his campaign back on message. His campaign is already fighting a tough battle against incumbent Senator Claire McCaskell, although even despite the negative publicity he remains in the lead in the polls. Despite the loss of several donors and being distanced from the presidential campaign, Todd Akin is fighting on, supported by such groups as the Family Research Council.

Can Congressman Akin recover from the public outcry? Only time will tell. However, by his bold move to not take the easy way out, and resign from the race, he has demonstrated at the very least a willingness to stand up to the party boss structure which finds itself ever more marginalized in modern politics. This is not the first time that a scandal has rocked a candidate, undermining his chances to national office. While some slink away, others stand firm and go on to win by overcoming their earlier mistakes. Whatever the outcome, it is clear that Todd Akin is not going away quietly.