Kirk Cameron Wishes Everyone Would Leave Poor Todd Akin Alone (VIDEO)

Author: August 21, 2012 3:59 pm

It’s now day three in forcible rape-gate and the MSM just cannot get enough of pretend human being Rep. Todd Akin. Although this writer got many authoritative Republican sources that Akin would ‘legitimately’ drop out of the now contentious Missouri senate race, Akin apparently has a huge threshold for humiliation (a pre-requisite to run for office these days) as he plans to march on.

Every single deranged, sanctimonious and self-serving right-winger have all taken time out of their hating and misrepresenting everything schedules to come to the support of Akin. There must be some sort of deranged, sanctimonious and self-serving domino theory or something. At any rate, washed-up, mediocre 80s sitcom actor, Kirk Cameron, was the latest to join the fray. Evidently Mike Seaver’s political convictions are very vital the democratic process.

Cameron appeared on the Today Show earlier today and told hosts Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb that he believed Todd Akin to be “a good man.” He also had to remind us that he’s not a political strategist.

I’m not his political strategist, thank God,” Cameron said.  Adding, “this is a man who is advocating the sanctity of life through and through. He said he misspoke, and he apologized for it. I like to evaluate people based on their entire life, their entire career, all they stand for.” (LA Times)

Here’s the video:

The mediocre D-list actor but excellent homophobe may want to look into Akin’s notorious political career of authoring and supporting utterly anti-woman legislation. In the mean time, he should probably stick to trying to remain relevant by preaching right-wing garbage at mega churches.

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