Domestic Terrorist Running For Office Of Sheriff

Frank Szabo, running for Sheriff of Hillsborough County in New Hampshire made some waves this evening in an interview on local television station WMUR 9:

While his positions on abortion are extreme, a little more digging reveals the origin of his belief that the office of Sheriff usurps both federal and state law, allowing him, in his mind, the legal authority to assassinate doctors performing services allowed by law if he deems it legal.

You see, Frank Szabo believes he is a Sovereign Citizen, classified by the FBI as a group of anti-government extremists on their domestic terror lists. He even confirms this, proudly, in a piece he wrote on the blog Granite Grok on August 8th. In this piece he stated various pieces of the Sovereign Citizens creed:

“Constitutional Rights” is a fiction and misleading.

As Sovereign Citizens, We The People created local and state governments to ensure peace and prosperity.

No federal or state agency has authority in the county unless the Sheriff permits it.

In his world view, as Sheriff, he is above the law, the ultimate authority of the land, and has the right of life, or death, based on what he says is legal, or not. He decides the speed limit is 25 in front of wherever he is parked, he can act accordingly. He decides speeding is a capital offense, he could shoot the first person he sees driving along at the 35 miles per hour which is posted. The logic of Sovereign Citizens is failure of just this sort. They view themselves above the law, and he is running for an office where his role is to uphold the law. This is a dangerous man.

In this exchange above, his viewpoint is that, despite the law stating that abortion is legally protected, he would arrest, or execute, anyone engaging in the activity. And if you read his positions, it is clear that following the law is not high on his priority list. In the “Power of the Sheriff” section of his campaign website, he even ties himself to the Republic of the United States which is itself listed by the Southern Poverty Law Center as part of the Patriot Movement, a particular sub-set of the Sovereign Citizens which wishes to “return to Biblical law” as the legal foundation for the United States.

His citations for authority do not reinforce his radical viewpoint as to the power of Sheriff. He in one hand claims absolute authority, then in the other uses the laws and court decisions of both the Federal and State governments to claim his authority. It is this lack of comprehension which makes him dangerous. If he manages to win the Republican primary, it puts a real danger of a man in office who would assassinate anyone who stands in the way of his unconstitutional viewpoint as to the rule of law.

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