Lesbian Duo Thank Todd Akin For ‘Legitimate Rape’ With A Song (VIDEO)

Have you heard of Bria and Chrissy, the Lesbian Duo? If you haven’t, you probably will soon (like, about 30 seconds from now when you watch the video). This couple is, unsurprisingly, not fans of the right wing’s rhetoric and have decided that they’re mad (and gay) as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore! ¬†Their latest target is Todd “legitimate rape” Akin and his ridiculous assertion that woman who experience “real” rape can’t get pregnant.

Here’s the highly entertaining music video:

Favorite line? “Don’t you worry ’bout me. I’m a lesbian! All my rapes were legitimate!” Funny and depressing as hell at the same time. Help this lovely lesbian dynamic duo go viral!

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