Standard Right Wing Propaganda – Poor Todd Akin! At Least He’s Not The Serial Rapist Bill Clinton!

Once upon a time, Republicans tumbled on to a workable strategy to win elections: the politics of personal destruction. The idea was to accuse their enemies of such horrible deeds and conduct that, even if they couldn’t be proven, it would stain the victim’s reputation for decades. This, it turned out, is a vital strategy for the GOP because their policies had become impossible to sell to the public at face value. Better to focus the public’s attention on the (made up) rumored pedophilia of a Democrat than to have to defend more tax cuts for the rich.

But that wasn’t the part which was supposed to remain secret. Republicans mangle science on a regular basis. It’s kind of their calling card. No, the part that set off the firestorm from the right was the phrase “legitimate rape.” The idea that women are whores that have it coming is both widespread and deeply embedded among conservative politicians. It used to be a fringe belief and that is why Republicans rarely spoke out against making exceptions for women who were raped or the victims of incest. These days, the fringe is the mainstream so now? No more exceptions! But how to justify punishing women who have already been violated? Take away their victimization. Redefine “rape” so any woman not physically beaten to the ground wasn’t really raped. This is the bill Akin tried to pass last year. This is what Akin really meant and he did not misspeak in the slightest other than to forget to lie.

Democrats defended Clinton because, even though he was a cheating douchebag, it was obvious that the right was orchestrating the unsubstantiated attacks on him. The Republicans turned on Akin because he told the truth. This sums up everything you need to know about the GOP: they lie all the time. About everything. Nonstop. And easily duped conservatives like LiberalLogic101 will happily carry that water for them. It must be nice to not have to think for yourself…

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