Paul Ryan And Todd Akin – Two Peas In A Hate Filled Pod (INFOGRAPHIC)

Or, more realistically, two jerks in a circle. If there’s still any question about WHY the right freaked out and demanded Akin drop out, it’s because he’s Paul Ryan’s spiritual and legislative twin. Now that everyone knows what a right-wing extremist he is due to his accidental moment of honesty, Akin has become a hole to see past Paul Ryan’s carefully crafted veneer of seriousness and moderation. A hole big enough to drive a Mack truck through and ThinkProgress is behind the wheel putting the pedal to the metal:

Neither one of these “men” think women are deserving of the basic human right of self-determination and would very much like to legislate the concept of rape until it is legally impossible for a woman to claim it happened. If the Beltway media weren’t so enamored of Ryan’s “seriousness” they would take the time to point this out. But then that might make them seem biased, wouldn’t it?