VOTER ALERT: Right-Wing Voter Intimidation Plans – EXPOSED!

True The Vote, a “voter education” organization that claims (on its Website) to be non-partisan is – in fact – a Right Wing, Tea Party inspired group designed to spread distortion and disinformation about alleged widespread “voter fraud” in America (despite all empirical evidence to the contrary).  Once again for the Far Right, facts don’t matter.  If you can spin a conspiratorial narrative to convince uneducated Fox News watchers that the Left is out to steal the election through millions of “dead voters” and voter rolls in hundreds of counties that actually exceed the number of eligible voters…then by all means lie and distort the truth!

In fact, over a given four-year (or even two-year span) between national elections, millions of people actually die in America.  It is a wild stretch, however, to conclude that these deceased Americans are somehow mysteriously replaced at the polls by people assuming their identities and casting illegal ballots.  There is simply no statistical evidence, indictments or prosecutions to support this bizarre conspiracy theory.

To accept it, one would have to assume that some sinister force or group is capable of motivating and mobilizing potentially millions of unnamed criminals to discern the names, voter registration status and polling information of these deceased voters for the evil purpose of going to the deceased’s polling place and casting a ballot.  In fact, the majority of these deceased voters are elderly; so that means…to effectively carry out this “voter fraud” scheme, the perpetrator(s) would also need to be elderly, in order to impersonate the voter at the polls, as the deceased voter’s personal information is a matter of record at the polling place (i.e., name, address, date-of-birth, party affiliation, etc.)

A reading of the group’s Mission Statement, appears to set up in the mind of the reader that they are simply another benign patriotic activist citizen group, merely interested in promoting fair, honest and open elections.  They are – in fact – something quite different.  They are a Far Right “Voter Fraud” vigilante group, bent on “overseeing”  and intimidating voting… predominately in poor and minority voting districts/precincts, in an unashamed effort to intimidate voters who largely vote for Democratic candidates.

More and more attention is being focused on this group.  For example, MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show discussed this sinister group and its historical origins and links to the Texas based Tea Party organization, King Street Patriots on her Thursday evening broadcast.

Here is an excerpt from the “True The Vote” Website:


True the Vote is a non-partisan initiative to educate and train citizens to work within our electoral system to restore honor and integrity to the electoral process.


True the Vote is a citizen-led non-partisan initiative to protect the virtue of our vote and the integrity of our elections.

Company Overview

The integrity of our electoral process is believed to be limited for a variety of reasons, including:

  • A lack of citizen awareness, involvement, and adequate training
  • Federal legislation limiting how states and localities can detect and prevent fraud
  • Inefficient and ineffective election processes at the state and county levels
  • Advocacy groups pushing “reforms” that increase the opportunities for abuses
  • Unwillingness on the part of officials to preempt fraud and prosecute abusers

We intend to address these problems through the following initiatives:

  • Mobilizing and training volunteers who are willing to work as election monitors
  • Aggressively pursuing fraud reports to ensure prosecution when appropriate
  • Providing a support system for our volunteers that includes live and online training, quick reference guides, a call bank to phone in problem reports,and security as necessary
  • Creating documentaries and instructional videos for use in recruiting and training
  • Raising awareness of the problem through strategic outreach efforts including
    advertising, social networking, media relations, and relational marketing
  • Voter registration programs and efforts to validate existing registration lists,
    including the use of pattern recognition software to detect problem areas

In May, 2012 The Nation magazine published a chilling account of the “True The Vote” organization and reported on one of their training/voter education seminars, now being held nationwide. These “seminars” are – in fact – right-wing screeds, railing against Democrats, liberals, the “Lame-Stream Media,” and any and all credible voting rights groups perceived as “liberal”… including the Obama Department of Justice.  The writer titles his article:  ‘True the Vote’ Still Out To Screw The Vote, and for good reason. 

Talking Points Memo (TPM) has recently reported that citizen groups like True The Vote have sprung up arising from right-wing (Fox “News”) exposes of ACORN, the now defunct voter registration group that generated voter registration abuse charges in the 2008 presidential election.  Despite the scandal, which led to ACORN’s demise, there was no impact in actual voter fraud at the polls resulting from their “phantom voter” registrations.

For example:  ACORN registration canvassers – paid based on the number of people they registered – did submit (in some states) a number of fictitious names, like “Mickey Mouse” in order to bolster their fees, yet “Mickey Mouse” (or any other fictitious characters for that matter) never actually showed up at the polls to cast ballots, and no actual “voter” fraud occurred!  Kansas Secretary-of-State, Republican  Kris Kobach, speaking at a recent conservative Heritage Foundation panel (sponsored by the Tea Party), addressing the recent restrictive voter ID laws sweeping the nation (mostly in Republican controlled states), attributed them to those ACORN voter registration abuses of 2008.


The King Street Patriots is a Tea Party right-wing group, named after the original group by that name, which was composed of Colonial Americans (in Boston, Massachusetts), demonstrating against the British Crown in the 1770’s and fueling the American Revolution.  The modern group was founded in Houston, Texas (in December 2009) by right-wing activists and is in no way “non-partisan” as they claim.

They are now spreading their disenfranchisement message and efforts (along with their off-shoot organization, “True The Vote”)…going nationwide in an effort to train “poll watchers” for the 2012 presidential election and to intimidate voters in mostly poor and minority polling precincts.

I recommend readers visit the King Street Patriots’ Facebook Page in order to learn more about their voter suppression/intimidation efforts and to perhaps express/post your own opinions regarding their alarming, racist-tinged agenda.  Note their reference to “liberals” below and to their constant “patriot” self-labelling throughout their site and Facebook Page…sending a clear message that they view anyone with differing political/social viewpoints as “unpatriotic!”

This is their avowed mission statement:   

It is in the same spirit that King Street Patriots has launched its efforts to battle the most brazen attempt by liberals in the last fifty years to further an agenda which Patriots considers diametrically opposed to the welfare of all Americans. King Street Patriots is committed to:

  • Freedom
  • Capitalism
  • American Exceptionalism
  • Constitutional Governance
  • Civic Duty                                             


Right-Wing groups are gearing up for the 2012 Election and stepping up voter suppression and intimidation tactics to complement their mega-wealthy SuperPAC’s attempts to blitz the airwaves with lies and distortions to defeat President Obama.  They are promising to “train” upwards of half-a-million conservative polling place “observers” in their efforts in November!

Liberals and Progressives need to educate other Americans; undecided Democrats and Independents about these groups and motivate them to Register and Vote…and to be vigilant at the polls for any signs of voter intimidation!  In that regard, I furnish the following links to earlier Addicting Info voter-related articles to assist in that effort:

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