The Progressive Republican Party Of 1956

1956 Republican Convention

The final revelation of the Republican platform for 2012 is just around the corner. While leaks of draft revisions have cropped up over the past few weeks, the finished versionĀ is not to officially be released until the upcoming convention in Tampa, Florida next week. It is time, then, to consider where the Republican Party has come from, and how far they have sunk. First, the platform in its entirety:
1956 Republican Party Platform

Equal work for Equal Pay? Federalized education standards? Expanded unions? Trust-busting and anti-monopoly laws? Elimination of racism and sexism? Strengthened Social Security and a national health care plan?

If this were the party running today, the Democrats would be unable to stop them. This is a plan of a powerful voice, one of real populism, one of the people. Rather than running away from society, it embraced it, and sought to rectify the malaise of society. This is the party which would, in a year’s time, send the National Guard in to open up the schools to all students, black or white. This is the party which stood for all Americans, which took on corporate greed and said with one voice, “NO!” This is the party of Theodore Roosevelt; of Abraham Lincoln.

For the convention itself, the usual political speeches were present, including former president Hoover and previous hopeful Dewey. But among them also was Nat King Cole, noted singer and not the face one would expect among the GOP today. For today’s GOP they grabbed Lynyrd Skynyrd and the Oak Ridge Boys. The 1956 convention was a celebration, a stance for progress, fighting against the regressive and racist elements of society.

The Republican party of today would shame these great men. And I am ashamed that they have soiled the name which once stood for equality for all people. They fought for all; worker or farmer, all were welcome at the table of prosperity, and no one was left behind. The Republicans of today are but a shadow of their former glory; now they’re Republi-can’ts. They tasted power and it corrupted them to their cores.

So, on this eve of convention, remind ourselves of the great history of the Republican party, and the corruption and decadence which has removed them from greatness.