Tinfoil Hat Alert — Obama Not Using HAARP To Create Hurricane To Disrupt GOP Convention (VIDEO)

To hear the conspiracy theorists tell it, the US Government has secretly built one of the most dastardly pieces of technology ever, able to manipulate both weather and earthquakes. Some even say that it can be used to control people’s minds! Even media hosts have come to claim that the US Government holds such diabolical power in its hands.

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It’s so secretive that…it’s in plain site (as seen above), with full public tours, and even sports a detailed web page which includes all of the data it has collected. The High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) even allows students from around the world access to run their own experiments with it. They even put up plans showing how it was built.

Something seems amiss if this is to be a top-secret weather/earthquake/mind-control machine.

Wait, there is the patent which conspiracy theorists point to: It’s titled “Method and apparatus for altering a region in the earth’s atmosphere, ionosphere, and/or magnetosphere.” The secret must be in here! Except that… the patent requires a transmitter several kilometers in size with power demands in the dozens of gigawatts range, which is far larger than the few hundred feet and megawatt system of HAARP. In addition, neither the company which built HAARP nor the universities which operate it have any current ties to the patent holder. He did work for the company which eventually built HAARP, but years beforehand. The limits of the design also are not this grand weather machine, and mention nothing of earthquakes. The scope was for the immediate neighborhood, with the idea of inducing drag on ICBM’s to prevent their striking of the United States. It was part of the old Star Wars program, and required an orbiting space station to work.

The fun part about radio antennas is that one can study the size of one and from that determine what frequency it works best at. This is how a pair of Italian students managed to pick up Cosmonaut and Astronaut signals. Of course, the secrecy behind those programs resulted in even more conspiracy theories as they picked up prerecorded messages put onto dummy payloads intended to fool the other side in the cold war. But, using that, it is not hard to determine that the HAARP antennas use the very frequency range claimed, an old shortwave radio frequency no longer popular due to the ionosphere interference. If one were trying to study the ionosphere, it’s the perfect frequency to work at. If one were trying to enact global domination? Not a perfect frequency to work at.

However, the most compelling anti-conspiracy words come from Dr Pervez Hoodbhoy, professor of physics at Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad. In his piece “Case of bogus science” published in Dawn and written in response to claims by noted organic chemist Dr Atta-ur-Rahman that HAARP was the cause of the 2005 Kashmir earthquake. Note the key word–chemist–not someone with experience in physics nor magnetism. In the article, Dr. Hoodbhoy states:

Does the good doctor believe in magic and demons? How else can massive tectonic plates be moved by radio waves? Will HAARP tickle a sleeping subterranean monster that awakes and sets off earthquakes? This kind of thinking was what irate and ignorant village mullahs used after the 2005 Pakistani earthquake. They blamed cable television, after which followers smashed thousands of television sets.

Weather change simply cannot be caused by HAARP’s radio waves. The effects of a puny 3.6MW radio transmitter on the ionosphere can only be detected with sensitive instruments. Even these are almost completely washed out by a constant stream of charged particles from the sun that hit the earth during daytime. To see HAARP’s effects would be like trying to see a candle a mile away in blazing sunlight.

Of course those who need a conspiracy to believe will never be dissuaded by things like science or logic. They simply must cling to their conspiracies with all of their heart.

So, for those thinking that Obama through a top-secret agency is creating storms to disrupt the GOP convention: I’m sorry, no such luck. After all, if Obama could control the weather, it would always be sunny on his stops, right?