Anti-Gay Church Youth Volunteer Charged In Molestation Of Young Boys (VIDEO)

Caleb Douglas Hesse, 52, a long-time teacher with the Morongo Unified School District (Yucca, Ca) has been charged by local authorities with four counts of lewd and lascivious behavior with young boys. According to a news report from Conservative Babylon, a Website dedicated to exposing “Family Values” hypocrisy, there have been several other recent cases of child molestation by California pastors. When arrested, Hesse had originally confessed to molesting “numerous underage boys,” only to recant that confession when arraigned August 21st. He has pleaded “not guilty” and is being held on the charges with bail set at $2.5 million dollars. The San Bernardino County Sherrif’s Department is asking the public to come forward with any additional information in the case.

It was also reported that Hesse, was an anti-gay activist and contributor associated with Proposition 8, the California Ballot Initiative to ban same-sex marriage. The ballot initiative effort was heavily funded by the Mormon Church and other anti-gay groups, many from out-of-state. Hesse, a first-grade teacher at the Friendly Hills Elementary School in Joshua Tree, CA, also served as a Youth Volunteer with the Evangelical Free Church of Yucca Valley, known to promote anti-gay homophobia.

A local news channel, KTCA 5, covered his arrest here:

It is believed that the molestations occurred over a thirty-year period, and as recently as last month. The reports did not disclose how the charges came to light but authorities have determined that the alleged molestations were facilitated through over-night youth group outings sponsored by the church.

This is yet another example of homophobic hypocrisy that we seem to see repeating itself every day in America. What motivates these people (in this case an accused pedophile) to proclaim their disgust at homosexuality – only to be caught living a lie – is certainly a matter for psychologists and psychiatrists to sort out on a case by case basis, but the larger ‘homphobia phenomena’ has been widely studied and some scientific links between homophobia and repressed homosexuality have been found.

Although the Church has not commented publicly relative to the charges (as of this date), here is a copy of their position (from their Website) on Homosexual Belief And Conduct (Both Male And Female). It is yet another “Christian” anti-gay manifesto, based strictly on the Bible and, without any scientific authority to back up its strong implications that homosexual attraction(s) are a choice.

And further; to be associated with God’s Church,…one must resist, repent and otherwise refrain from any homosexual conduct or even masturbation related to homosexual “fantasies” or imagery/pornography. Citing the strict and literal teachings of the Bible, It is the very same self-loathing type religious dogma we have seen espoused by the Christian Right’s “Pray Away The Gay” adherents.