‘Rope’ – The Right Keeps Finding New Lows To Sink To (IMAGE)

Author: August 27, 2012 3:52 pm

I know, I know! We liberals are just soooooo sensitive and we’re little crybabies! I mean, it’s not like we didn’t make fun of good ol’ Dubya while he was in office destroying the country or anything, right? Why are we always complaining every time there’s a picture of the President of the United States being killed or compared to a monkey? Can’t we take a joke?

Well, no, we can’t. Why? Because it’s not really a joke, is it? The savages on the right have advocated violence against liberals for years because nothing says “Ha-ha!” like insinuating that we deserve to die. That’s hilarious! First, it’s jokes about how killing liberals would be fun, then “jokes” about secession, then threats of “Second Amendment remedies,” then actual threats about secession and claims that liberals are going to start a war ANY second now. After that, we end up with another Oklahoma City bombing that leaves 19 kids dead. Yeah, it’s all fun and games until the shrapnel starts to fly.

What’s worse is that this is strictly a right-wing phenomenon. No matter how badly Fox News wants to convince its viewers that liberals are terrorists, it’s just not there. There are no liberals calling for conservatives to leave the country. That’s Republicans. There are no liberals calling for concentration camps. That’s the religious right. There are no liberals calling for a new Civil War. That’s the right-wing.

If I were to say the right-wing has devolved into a rabid pack of savages that needs to be put down, conservatives would be outraged while completely ignoring the depraved image at the top of this article. That’s just a joke, you see. But it’s not, it’s just another symptom of the right wing’s rapid moral and intellectual decay. If they can’t win at the ballots, they’ll resort to threats of violence. Is there a better definition of terrorism than that?

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  • SharonSterner

    Added to my other comment…
    When I said “they are afraid of the President because he doesn’t LOOK like them…” I meant, and most probably understand, that because he’s not 100% white… They fear him because he’s bi-racial. They say “stop using the race card…”. Well, stop hating him because he’s doesn’t fit into your rich white man’s club…

  • SharonSterner

    This horrible and disgusting pix is all over FB but the group doesn’t show WHO, lucky for them because the coward would face some terrible consequences. This has been brought to the attention of the Secret Service & hundreds reported them to FB.
    I think spreading this horrible pix around is exactly what they want. Make something so disgusting that EVERYONE will spread and talk about. Typical way for them to spread fear and hate.

    Instead of the Teapublicans SUPPORTING their “man”, they spread lies about President Obama. It’s how cowards, bullies and fear mongering works.
    Here’s how I see Them. They HAVE to have a boogie man. The President killed GW’s boogie man. Now the President has taken Bin Laden’s place. They are afraid of change, they are afraid of people who don’t believe their way, they are afraid of people who don’t LOOK like them, they are even afraid of their own God. So they MUST try to make everyone afraid to win them to their side. What better way to do that than to make as many gullible, ignorant, uneducated and stupid people afraid of our President. A man who, looks different, speaks of change, and they believe (and convince others) that he’s not even a U.S. citizen!
    I am afraid of their hate but understand my fear. They don’t even understand their own fear and scary but true, neither does Joe the plumber and other idiots.

  • That image is sickening. Just sickening. I fear we are headed for civil war. The hatred is so out of hand and this group is impossible to reason with. The birther movement is one of the most insane things I have ever seen. No amount of proof will satisfy them. I currently live in Oklahoma and used to live in Tennessee. I’ve met so many people who are truly itching to go to war, it’s very scary and they are largely hysterical and unreasoning.

  • Vile. But we need to say that to their faces.
    Tell the MSM their reporting is worse than the old Soviet Union’s.
    Don’t feed the trolls.
    And don’t be afraid to raise the ‘bullshit’ flag. This isn’t a tea party – this is a threat to America.

    Respond accordingly.

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