James O’Keefe Claims ‘Government Restrictions’ Forced Him To Cancel RNC Appearance

James O’Keefe, criminal , professional liar and alleged human being was scheduled to be the guest of honor at a luncheon in Tampa this week. The James Madison Institute, the Florida non-profit ‘think-tank that was holding the event announced he will not be attending, due to “unforeseen circumstances.” The press release states, in part:

James O’Keefe, will not be able to personally attend JMI’s event tomorrow. However, he will participate via Skype with both remarks and a robust Q & A session. Come hear why the federal government has revoked permission for him to travel to Tampa.

It will no doubt be fascinating to hear the slippery little tape-editor explain how the “federal government” has tried to detain him from eating chicken breast and mostaccioli in Tampa; but as is usually the case with O’Keefe’s claims, the truth will probably be more mundane.

James O’Keefe is currently on probation for entering the offices of a United States Senator, with the intent to illegally record telephone conversations. Although you could easily make the case that what he was doing was espionage, bordering on treason, O’Keefe lives in the rarefied air of privilege and money that allowed him to be charged only with a misdemeanor and  given probation.

Because they were the offices of a United States Senator (a phrase that bears repeating), he was sentenced in federal court. He is a convicted criminal, subject to (the very minimum, it would seem) probationary guidelines. That includes travel restrictions, a condition O’Keefe surely would have known about before accepting the role (and collecting his speaking fee?) at this event. However, I’m sure that, in the malleable version of reality he has always enjoyed, he views himself as the aggrieved party.

So, while James O’Keefe won’t be on hand to ‘press the flesh’ with fellow patriots, he will still speak to the James Madison Institute’s luncheon, and I’m certain that the ‘Father of the Constitution‘ would be proud to know that this namesake group is honoring a grubby little B&E artist for his work as a “citizen journalist.”

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