Despite Public Appearances, Republican Convention Not Running Smoothly

Yesterday, a racially charged chant at the Republican Chairwoman from Puerto Rico was blamed on Ron Paul supporters as reported here. The problem with this argument is that the cameras showed who was chanting, and while a few were sporting Ron Paul paraphernalia, the majority were decked out in swag for Mitt Romney and two sporting Rick Santorum pins also were shown by the camera.

This was not the first attack on the delegates who were there in support of the Texas Congressman. Already the committee had stripped the rightfully won delegates from Maine, replacing them with party-approved replacements in a surprise maneuver designed to prevent the state from putting Dr. Paul’s name into the nomination. This was after moving all of the states with a substantial Paul delegation away from the main floor. This was done to prevent Dr. Paul from making a speech before the convention, stripping away his right to speak under party rules.

The party leadership had already failed to notify the Ron Paul delegation of the schedule changes from Monday, telling them directly not to appear at the convention hall until Tuesday. This, of course, would have resulting in the forfeiting of their delegate status and their votes would be turned over to party-approved alternates. The party leadership then also engaged in a power grab designed to allow the party leadership to auction off the delegate seats to the highest bidder. These various affronts resulted in Romney supporter Governor Paul LePage of Maine himself turning his back on the convention in boycott.

The delegation from Texas were also showing signs of discontent over these changes as well. To prevent another state, this time one with a significant number of electoral college votes, from joining the Maine protest, the party leadership sent in members of the party elite to the state conference, including George P. Bush, the nephew of the second President Bush, grandson of the first President Bush. They called upon the Texas delegates to fall in line against Obama, and included veiled threats with the mention of lawsuits brought up several times in the course of the conference by Texas Secretary of State Greg Abbott.

The party knows that they will vote for whomever they put in front of them through the magical use of the words “Socialism” or “Pro-Life” without any meaning behind it, like brain-dead zombies. One day this group will realize that the party does not care about any of their issues, that the party cares only about winning power at any cost, and that once they have used up their usefulness, they will be thrown away like any other leftover trash.

How long before these grumblings of discontent erupt? How long before these members of the Republican Party understand that the party has left them behind, and they are no longer wanted nor part of the Republican machine?