Newt Gingrich Says Rich People Are More Noble – Study Says They’re Unethical

Newt Gingrich might not be the next president, but he is very rich and in his mind, that makes him simply better than you and me. To prove it, Newt is going to get even richer (off of government guaranteed loans) by starting Newt U, a university dedicated to teaching students about the evils of public service and the “nobility” of greed.

Newt University, which will be a division of the for-profit Kaplan University, which is a division of the Washington Post, will be an alternative to what Newt calls a left-wing ideology among educators. He spoke about it at the Republican National Convention on Tuesday,

“There are three key intellectual arguments that we have to get much better at making, and this is part of the reason that we are creating the whole concept of a Newt University and developing our site at, because we think these kind of arguments our own activists, our own volunteers, and next generation need, because the schools are so far to the left we have to create online capability to sort of counter the false information, the false ideologies,” he told the crowd.

“We need to reassert,” he said, “the nobility of creating jobs and wealth.” Though it was Gingrich whose supporters, during the primary campaign, released a long-form ad attacking current nominee Mitt Romney’s (R-MA) method of wealth creation later defended by Gingrich, he told today’s crowd: “If you listen to people like Obama, there’s this contempt that sort of says you know, ‘If you go into public service and you end up as a good bureaucrat, that’s really noble,’ but if you’re to take the same skill level and go out here and just create wealth, it’s ‘That’s really not noble, that’s somehow beneath us.’” (RawStory)

What does a rich guy have to do to get a little respect in this world?

Then in a display of either ignorance or race baiting, he said,

“We need to go back and remind people, if you really want sub-Saharan Africa to become successful, if you really want Haiti to become successful, if you really want the poorest communities to directly become successful, it would be helpful if they had a habit of creating jobs and creating wealth,” he said. “That happens to be the entrepreneurial mind.” In an apparently reference to international aid organizations and USAID, he added, “So all these do-good bureaucrats who would like to provide help, provide help in such a way that undermines the spirit of create jobs and therefore it doesn’t happen.”

If only those poor starving people would open up a Subway franchise.

Of course, Gingrich’s entire philosophy is based on falsehoods, the first being that rich people are job creators. They simply aren’t. Rich people have gotten richer over the last few decades but they aren’t creating jobs and the few jobs they are creating don’t pay very well. It’s middle class people who create jobs. Not only are many if not most small business owners middle class, middle class people, as a percentage of income, outspend the wealthy. Spending is what creates jobs.

The second falsehood is that Barack Obama never said that it’s less noble to be in business than to be in public service.

The third is there’s nothing “noble” about being rich unless you are literally from nobility. A recent study from the University of California, Berkeley found that rich people aren’t better than us. They’re just greedier and unethical, but those qualities are considered virtues in the Republican party.

Money doesn’t buy happiness either. People are happiest when they make just enough money so they don’t have to stress too much about it, about $50,000 a year. Does Newt look happy to you?

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