Will A Ronald Reagan Hologram Endorse Romney/Ryan? (VIDEO)

During a segment titled ‘New Questions Swirling Around Mystery Speaker At RNC Tomorrow,’ a Fox News host speculated that a hologram of deceased former President Ronald Reagan may ‘endorse the Romney/Ryan ticket. The segment, while short, was another shameless promotion from Fox News, which is basically the ‘Conservative Infomercial Channel. It included an almost giddy recitation of possible speakers including Clint Eastwood, Colin Powell and Tim Tebow. Of course, none of those people compare with idea of bringing Reagan back from the dead.

Ronald Reagan remains an iconic figure for Republicans, much like Jesus. And just like with Jesus, although they no longer subscribe to any part of his belief system, they find it profitable to put their own words in his mouth.

You can see the video here:

I think it’s a great idea; maybe afterwards they can show a holographic Mother Theresa, dispensing food and medicine in a gated community, or hologram Abraham Lincoln signing the ‘Emancipation Retraction.’

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