Will The U.S. Supreme Court Tip 2012 Election To Romney And Republicans (AGAIN)?

In the past week, to the delight of progressives and liberals across this great nation, Federal Courts in three states, including Florida and Ohio – swing states viewed as critical to the 2012 presidential race – have struck down repressive voter suppression laws.  They run the gamut from the strict voter registration law imposed in Florida by the Republican controlled legislature and signed into law by Republican Governor, Rick Scott…to a Washington D.C. panel of judges rejecting the Photo ID law in Texas and, to the Ohio Republican attempts to restrict early voting.

These are all measures designed to suppress voter turnout. Complimenting them are right-wing vigilante groups like “True The Vote” which promote voter intimidation at the polls this election. Not coincidentally, these efforts came after the 2008 election of America’s first African-American president.

This is Karl Rove/Tea Party inspired racism at its worst and threatens to disenfranchise as many a five million voters in November and, thereby, tip the election in favor of Republicans and more specifically their presidential candidate, Willard Mitt Romney.  Of course, if you can’t win on the issues and ideology…than buy the air waves with unlimited, corporate and mega-wealthy financed Super PAC’s and then,…keep the masses from the polls through whatever devious means necessary.

The last best hope for a fair, democratic playing field has been through the D.O.J. and the Federal Judiciary.  Note, that I didn’t mention state courts here?  That’s because the tentacles of the right-wing have already succeeded in corrupting many of those.  For example, our most glaring court loss thus far in this fight, the Photo ID Law in Pennsylvania, which threatens an estimated 750,000 mostly minority, students, poor and elderly voters (key heavily democratic demographics), was actually upheld by a state court judge. That ruling was made despite ANY evidence of – past, present or future – voter fraud, and ignoring statements made by one of the top Republican state legislators…that this law was enacted to assure Mitt Romney’s election.  That lower court ruling is under appeal and a ruling by a state appeals court is expected within weeks.

However, another restrictive Voter ID Law in South Carolina is still under appeal in Federal Court.  Republicans and their various state attorneys general have vowed to appeal the recent federal court decisions to the Supreme Court.  Could we see the 5-4 conservative leaning Supreme Court once again hand down rulings along ideological lines, as it did in the 2000 presidential election – which gave the presidency to George W. Bush?  Only time will tell.  Unfortunately recent judicial precedent(s) by the Supreme Court don’t give one confidence in this battle to secure the rights of voters.  For example on this issue – in 2007 – it upheld a strict Voter ID Law enacted in Indiana.

However, that decision did contain some hopeful language as reported in the above linked report by the Christian Science Monitor:

In Indiana, the Supreme Court in 2007 turned down a Democratic challenge to a tough voter ID law. In that case, the Supreme Court said the “risk of voter fraud is real” and “could affect the outcome of a close election.” The court went on to say, “While the most effective method of preventing election fraud may well be debatable, the propriety of doing so is perfectly clear.”

But in their ruling on behalf of states’ ability to regulate elections, the high court also noted that state “judgment must prevail unless it imposes a severe and unjustified overall burden upon the right to vote, or is intended to disadvantage a particular class.”

The very guarantees and court scrutiny of the 1965 Voting Rights Act is in serious jeopardy, as some right-wing leaders have advocated for its outright repeal. Therefore, we must all stay vigilant and mobilize to register those groups most affected, to insure they get necessary Voter ID, as we cannot rely on the objective fairness of the Supreme Court in this matter.  Bush v. Gore and Citizens United, along with an earlier 2012 decision in Montana, striking down that state’s 100-year-old ban on unlimited corporate campaign spending are all decisions which don’t bode well for democracy.

With most national polls showing the presidential race “a toss-up” with less than 10% of voters undecided, AND with top Republican leaders like Speaker of the House, John Boehner, openly making a cynical admission, as to Republican hopes for low voter turnout by minorities and other Democratic leaning voters, we cannot let down our guard.

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