The Small Louisiana Town Of St. Martinville Puts The Spotlight On More Racism

The town of St. Martinville, Louisiana was handed a rude awakening recently by a part of a class reunion letter that specifically asked for “White graduates only” for a specific event for the 1973 St. Martinville Senior High School class reunion.

Despite the fact that after almost 40 years of holding segregated class reunions for the graduates of St. Martinville High School, it is the class of 1973 that has made the progressive, momentous decision to begin holding integrated class reunions.

This historic change was put forth through a letter announcing the change, and on the surface that sounds like a good thing. But within that very letter, there was a flagrant request for a “White graduates only” after party, and it is that request that has caught the attention of ABC News and other media outlets.

Supposedly, on Sept. 21st there will be a reception held at the high school after the homecoming, football game, and the letter invites all graduates to attend that function. But after the game, one of the classmates is hosting a continuation of the class reunion at their home, and that is where the request for “White graduates only” was made.

First of all, how hypocritical and classless is it to release a letter calling for an end to the segregated, class reunions on one hand, while slyly attaching an appeal for a “White graduates only” after party with the other hand? This was nothing but a dog and pony show to begin with.

Evidently, it’s all about going through the politically correct motions of taking off the bigoted hood and telling the so-called, modernized world exactly what it wants to hear in the public—only to put the bigoted hood back on after the racial exhibition has ended, so people can get back to being who they really are and that speaks volumes about the willing inability of the United States to accept or like African-Americans or other minorities in any real capacity that goes beyond sports, entertainment, or any medium that keeps a healthy distance between minorities like African-Americans and the traditional, “White is right” society.

The principal of the school Michael Kreamer described the sentiments surrounding the call for a “White graduates only” after party as “disappointing,” but there is more to it than that. Don’t tell me that it’s a post-racial society at the ceremony, and then show me that it’s really the same old, bigoted society that we all know very well at the after party!

Don’t insult my intelligence by trying to convince me that the post-racial rain that just happens to be golden and only seems to fall down on me is not exactly what my senses tell me that it is, because it takes some nerve to believe that just being White allows for such an implication to be made, while being Black allows for the ignorant gullibility to not know any better and embrace it.

Even in my hometown of Wynne, Arkansas, there were similar concerns voiced regarding the most recent class of 1990 reunion—which is my class. A fellow student asked me why only one Black person attended the events. That student’s concern was whether or not “the Blacks” had been properly informed about the festivities.

And although that could have played a role, consider this. All throughout the high school years of my class of 1990, self-segregation was the norm. African-American students and White students only came together when they had to for seating arrangements and school projects. As soon as they were free to separate from each other, that is exactly what happened—whether it was during lunch, before class, or during breaks.

In all likelihood, the same segregated, ideological arrangements that had been passed on to the students by their parents were allowed to continue, despite the influx of so-called integration. People might have been in the same school together, but they were not actually together, and no one in authority tried to do anything to change this dynamic—not the predominately White school board of that time and certainly not the overwhelming numbers of satisfied White parents and accepting African-American parents.

And for the idiot who just can’t wait to yell how about African-Americans promote just as much self-separation, the number of incidents like the “White graduates only” request
probably happens at a ratio of about 20 to 1 compared to any Black graduates only requests.