Hank Williams Jr. Strikes Back, Says Obama Is ‘Muslim Who Hates Cowboys’

Author: September 4, 2012 4:33 pm

The washed-up and marginally talented rockers of the past punditry meme continues. Hank Williams Jr., the redneck millionaire who managed a 20 year career by playing the Monday Night Football theme, was preaching to the choir this past weekend when he told a crowd of boot-in-your-ass Texans at a rock concert in Texas that President Barack Obama is secretly a “Muslim” who “hates cowboys.” Well, at least he’s no longer a radical muslin. The irrelevant twangster also babbled about Obama hating other exclusively Southern mainstays such as fishing and farming.

We’ve got a Muslim for a President who hates cowboys, hates cowgirls, hates fishing, hates farming, loves gays, and we hate him,” said Willaims. And feeling extra generous, Williams also mocked “queer guitar pickers” and told liberal politicians to “move to Mexico.” (Raw Story)

Of course, if this musician were a progressive, he would probably be forced to move to Mexico since every right-winger and their mother would be calling for a worldwide boycott of his music and offering death threats. It should be noted that it was, in fact, House Republicans, including Paul Ryan, who helped block a Farm Bill that would aid struggling farmers. But if facts aren’t good enough for Mitt Romney’s campaign, they surely aren’t good enough for Williams.  Expect more of this deep and penetrating political analysis from Williams from now until November, assuming President Obama doesn’t decide to sacrifice any cowgirls and cowboys in George Soros’ secrete underground lab.

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  • Hank Williams Jr.? Take away the shades and the K-Mart hat and all we find is a snot-nosed CW ENTERTAINER OF THE YEAR wannabe with a big mouth and little talent. Hank Williams Sr. is rolling over in his grave!

  • He’s a redneck; don’t give him any attention. He’s not worth the time it took to write the text.

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