Miss. Gov Haley Barbour Wanted Chris Christie To Take ‘A Hot Poker To President Obama’s Butt’

Author: September 4, 2012 2:03 pm

In what can only be described as one part homoeroticism and one part disguised racism, former Mississippi Governor stated that professional YouTube screamer and occasionally NJ Governor, Chris Christie, should’ve branded the behind of the President during his “all about me” speech at the RNC.

 “While I would love for [Chris] Christie to put a hot poker to Obama’s butt,” said Barbour of the RNC keynote speaker, “I thought he did what he was supposed to do.” (The Hill)

Unless Barbour was suggesting a radical new weight loss exercise to Christie, suggesting that a White guy brand the behind of a Black man is probably not the best reference to make, especially considering Barbour’s somewhat troublesome history of racial remarks. Barbour got into hot water in 201o with his revisionist understanding of the South in defense of racist Citizens Councils that ruled the South before and during the civil rights era.

In his interview with The Weekly Standard, Barbour then praised the pro-segregation Citizens Council, which he credits with integrating the Yazoo City public schools without any violence.

Because the business community wouldn’t stand for it,”he said.“You heard of the Citizens Councils? Up north they think it was like the KKK. Where I come from it was an organization of town leaders. In Yazoo City they passed a resolution that said anybody who started a chapter of the Klan would get their ass run out of town. If you had a job, you’d lose it. If you had a store, they’d see nobody shopped there. We didn’t have a problem with the Klan in Yazoo City.” (Huffington Post)

Barbour should probably stick to eating them buttery biscuits and stay clear of race relations.

  Michael is a comedian/VO artist/Columnist extraordinaire, who co-wrote an award-nominated comedy, produces a chapter of Laughing Liberally, wrote for NY Times Laugh Lines, guest-blogged for Joe Biden, and writes a column for MSNBC.com affiliated Cagle Media. Follow him on Twitter and Facebook, and like NJ Laughing Liberally Lab if you love political humor from a progressive point-of-view. Seriously, follow him or he’ll send you a photo of Rush Limbaugh bending over in a thong.

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