‘We Built This,’ But Nobody Came; Anti-DNC Concert Moved To Pumpkin Patch (VIDEO)

Rock The Red is a perfect metaphor for the Tea Party mentality. A concert conceived out of spite, with a misleading title, by people who have blamed their failure on the government, rather than their own poor business acumen. They set themselves up (with the government, naturally), as a non-profit. And of course, they’re not providing what they promised.

The event, billed as a “a rally for people with conservative values,” was being held in the 11,000 seat Bojangles Coliseum, named for a chicken franchise in Charlotte, NC, the host city of the Democratic National Convention. The idea behind the event originally was as a raspberry in the face of the President in every way, right down to the billboards promoting the event (shown above). So should Obama worry that ‘Rock The Red’ is going to wreck his big party? Let’s take a look at what’s gone wrong.

Rock The Red, had initially booked Travis Tritt, Lee Brice and Charlie Daniels to perform. No rock musicians. Apparently ‘Pop-Country The Red’ just didn’t feel right for a title. More likely, it’s a play on the name Rock The Vote,’ a non-partisan effort to increase voter awareness. It’s funny how often right-wing efforts express contempt of ideas or symbols, as they’re simultaneously drafting off their popularity. At any rate, all of those musicians have cancelled; Travis Tritt’s tour schedule now has open dates between the “Arts, Beats & Eats Festival’ in Royal Oaks, MI and the ‘Soybean Festival’ in Martin TN. Likewise, one-hit-wonder and right-wing firebrand Charlie Daniels, who recently penned the oxy-moronic , ‘ I Won’t Just Shut Up And Sing‘ for the Washington Times, has elected to both shut up and not sing.

The cancellation of the top-billed artists might be attributable to ‘sluggish’ ticket sales. According to the Palmetto Public Record, only about 300 tickets were purchased. According to organizers, that’s the fault of the Charlotte Regional Visitors Authority. They claim the CRVA gave Ticketmaster the wrong information, and neglected to promote the event However according to the CRVA, the Ticketmaster information was correct. Furthermore, from WSOC-TV:

CRVA said the organizers didn’t meet “contractual obligations.” The contract with the CRVA shows organizers paid the CRVA a deposit of $11,500. CRVA officials said they warned organizers two weeks ago that another payment toward the total $30,000 fee was due on Aug. 29, but it was never paid.

Rock The Red’s promotional problems didn’t end there; they had a bit of a Google problem, as well. RockTheRed.net is the fan site of the Washington Capitals hockey team, and is popular enough that even if you type ‘rockthered.com,’ you’ll still be directed to their site.

But all is not lost for fans of not liking Barack Obama; the show must go on, and so it will. And at a rather tremendous discount as well. Tickets to this event once topped out at over $119 apiece, when it was going to be held at the coliseum, now that it’s moved to a somewhat less prestigious site, it’s gone to $5 a head, kids free. That’s actually $3.50 less than it usually costs to visit The Hunter Farm, so it might be a good day to go, even if you just want to pick some pumpkins.

You’ll still get to see ‘Sheriff Joe‘ and local pols, as well as precocious 16 year-old blogger Madeleine McAuley. You’ll also get Lisa Mei Norton, an “Air Force Senior Master Sergeant turned political singer/songwriter activist.” and a guy who once sang with John Huntsman.

You just won’t get what you were promised. But you can still donate.

Watch the video here. You might as well, ultimately your tax dollars will have paid for it:

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