Romney, Son Of Welfare Receiving Mexican Immigrant (VIDEO)

At the Republican convention last week was a touching piece on Mitt Romney’s father, George. Born in Mexico, George fled to the United States at the age of 5, arriving here with absolutely nothing, little George worked his way up until he eventually became a cabinet member under Richard Nixon. A heartfelt and touching story.

And it left out a very big piece, one which destroys the entire foundation upon which he had built his very nomination.

You see, George Romney arrived in El Paso, Texas, as part of 4,000 other refugees fleeing the Mexican Revolution. Once they arrived, the United States did not just wave them by, to let them fend for themselves. Instead, it opened up its arms, welcoming them not only into the United States, but granted to them $250 each, equal to just under of $6,000 today. On top of that, the US provided food, clothing, and supplies. George Romney grew up with his food, housing, and schooling taken care of by the US Government. And he had a large sum of money granted to him, which the family had used to buy stocks and bonds, which George then used to pay for his college, and getting started in life.

Where would one get such a shocker of a story? Why, from George’s wife, Lenore, in this 1962 interview:

Mitt Romney’s own mother destroyed months of planning and message building in just a few simple words. She even used the word “welfare” directly. Mitt cannot catch a break, first by taking on the pathological liar as his vice president, then by being upstaged by an empty chair. Now his own mother from beyond the grave is destroying her sons hopes of becoming the first President of the United States from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints.