Hustler Magazine Publisher Offers $1 Million Reward For Romney Tax Returns

To all hackers, disgruntled ex-employees, accountants and insiders…Hustler Magazine Publisher Larry Flynt is offering up to $1 million for Mitt Romney’s tax returns and other financial information, such as off-shore bank accounts.

According to AdWeek magazine, Flynt will be taking an ad out in Sunday’s Washington Post and Tuesday’s USA Today. Solid proof will be required. Here is an advanced copy of the ad:

The Republican party has a love/hate relationship with porn. Romney has stated that he will “vigorously” crack down on porn and have porn filters installed on all computers. He even signed an anti-porn pledge. The party platform has an anti-porn pledge to target “the scourge of hardcore pornography.”

At the same time as the platform was being read on the floor, convention attendees were giving a boost to the host city’s strip clubs.

One of porn’s most famous names is a big fan of Romney, or at least of the tax rate she thinks she’ll have under Romney. Porn star Jenna Jameson endorsed the Mormon candidate, saying “When you’re rich, you want a Republican in office.”

Flynt disagrees. A well-known advocate of free speech, Flynt said of Romney’s plan to crack down on porn, “Romney can have all the plans he wants to about prosecuting pornography, but that train has already left the station. I’m not saying that he isn’t serious about it, but it’s doubtful that he’d follow through if he’s in office because his advisers will tell him that he can’t win.”

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