Twitter Goes Wild After Girl Says ‘Someone Needs To Assassinate Obama’

Author: September 7, 2012 3:35 pm

A sixteen-year-old on Twitter stated that Obama should be assassinated. The next morning, her account was gone, and her Facebook disappeared soon after as well.

Bostinno has more on the story:

There is no doubt that some Americans may be frustrated with President Barack Obama’s policy choices and role in office, and they would gladly welcome a new Republican president to take his place in November, but sometimes, the thoughts you have inside of your head should not make their way to the internet.

Take 16-year-old Alyssa Douglass for example. The frustrated teen from Ohio (who isn’t even old enough to vote, mind you) used Twitter as a platform to vent her frustrations with the nation’s leader and exposed her anger in the Twitterverse like it was her own personal diary.

It’s no surprise that soon after Douglas made a threat against the president’s life, her Twitter account itself was assassinated—wiped from the internet—but not before her personal information was posted by angry readers and hundreds of people reacted to her unacceptable behavior.

When intimate details about this teenager’s life were exposed to the general public, her Facebook profile quickly vanished, too.

This story is sobering because it isn’t just one young girl with these type of thoughts, and there is a reason it is illegal to voice them. Suggesting that the president be assassinated is a very serious thing regardless of your political outlook or whether or not you’re joking. In fact, reports the following:

The local Secret Service office said it will report its findings to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for Southern District of Ohio

It is possible that the tweet will be determined to be not a legitimate threat to the president’s well being.

A North Carolina man was charged this week after making a much more specific threat via Twitter toward Obama.

The Associated Press reported that Donte Jamar Sims was detained Wednesday after posting messages including one that said, “Ima Assassinate president Obama this evening!” on Monday morning, two days before Obama arrived in Charlotte for the Democratic National Convention.

Her tweet can be seen below:

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  • This isn’t “frustration” – it’s outright HATRED.

  • GodlessLiberalAtheist

    @randall – grow up. If it were a Republican president the answer would definitely be yes. This girl should be put away for a long time.

  • All this incense if a Republican were threatened? No.

    • No, because we don’t have a Republican President dumbass and it wouldn’t be illegal.

    • That’s a ridiculous thing to say! Americans of all persuasions were incensed when Reagan was shot, and I’d have been equally incensed at threats against either Presidents Bush. But those kinds of threats seldom come from the left. On the other hand, just days after Clinton was elected and before his inauguration there were bumper stickers out in south Texas that said, “Where is Lee Harvey Oswald when we need him?” I guarantee that was a right winger who produced that outrageous – and threatening – bumper sticker.

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