Limbaugh Declares GOP Dead If Obama Re-Elected (VIDEO)

In his usual bluster, Limbaugh went to task in proclaiming that should the Republican Party fail to beat Obama this election year, it will be an end to the party itself and even worse, another economic collapse if the President wins in his re-election bid.

You can hear it for yourself here:

Limbaugh came out that the GOP is not right-enough, that a new, third-party will rise up and embrace right-wing politics, abandoning the Republican party. And he may be right, as polling is indicating that a large part of the Republican base has indeed begun looking elsewhere for their party affiliation. Since polling agencies such as CNN/Gallup and Rasmussen began including 3rd party candidates such as Gary Johnson, Virgil Goode and Jill Stein, Romney’s polling numbers have plummeted.

Limbaugh further explained that conservatives will be held up as scapegoats, that they will be blamed for the failure of a Romney victory. In that, Limbaugh may be telling the truth for once to his fake audience. The party élite grabbed on to the conservative Democratic base as part of the Nixon “Southern Strategy” of the 1960’s and 1970’s, taking away the conservative southern Democrats and adding them to the Republican Party. This worked wonders for their electoral success for decades. However, over time these conservatives kept demanding more and more power, refusing to take part in government and instead doing things previously unimaginable such as making the filibuster a routine part of the Senate, eliminating any members of the party who compromise, turning the debt ceiling into a political issue, and even blocking keeping the nations infrastructure going. It is proving to be impossible for the country to even work with the conservative superbase now concentrated in the Republican Party, resulting in the nations first credit rating downgrade.

Limbaugh, of course, considers this attack on the fundamental institutions of government as a good idea. He finds himself joined in this by religious zealots and Dominionists, who seek to turn the United States into a theocratic state. That the Republican leadership is trying to save itself from losing its tenuous grip on functionality demonstrates that perhaps there is sanity remaining somewhere deep within the halls of the GOP. If they did win this election, the party would find itself consumed by the very monster it had courted.