Putin Says Romney’s Words Justify Russian Opposition To Missile Shield

Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia for the last twelve years, is quite happy with Mitt Romney. Romney has stated that Russia is “without question our No. 1 geopolitical foe.” He has also promised, with regard to Obama’s Russian policies, “less flexibility and more backbone.” Putin is saying that he is “grateful” to Romney, because his statements “once again confirmed our approach to the issue of missile defense is the right one.”

Putin has also been quoted as saying, “The fact that Mr. Romney considers us enemy No. 1 and clearly has a poor opinion of us is a minus. But the fact that he speaks that way – directly, frankly and clearly – means that he is a direct and candid person. That’s a plus.”

The  Chicago Tribune reports:

Last week, Putin said that Romney’s criticism was in large part electioneering, but that his apparent animosity meant Russia’s suspicions about a missile shield the United States is building in Europe would only deepen if he is elected.

U.S. plans for a missile defense shield in Europe, which Washington has already started to deploy, have been a major irritant in U.S.-Russia relations.

Washington says the shield is meant to counter a potential threat from Iran and will pose no risk to Russia.

Russia says the system’s interceptors will be able to destroy Russian warheads in flight by about 2018, weakening its nuclear arsenal and upsetting the balance of power. Moscow wants a binding guarantee the system would never be used against it.

Putin has also stated that, “He has strengthened our negotiating position on this sensitive and very important issue,” with regard to Romney.

Mitt Romney’s absolute ignorance of solid foreign policy absolutely must be taken into account when considering your vote come this November. He seems intent on bringing war to our shores.

The Obama administration is firm that the proposed missile defense system would be for use against possible threats from Iran and has nothing at all to do with Russia. Obama has also made moves to strengthen ties with Russia and increase affability between our nations. However, because of differences on social issues, the relationship remains strained.

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