Voter ID Laws Affect Everyone, Even Jim Cramer

Jim Cramer is famous for his rants, such as rampaging about his studio while wielding a blunt object to destroy things. He is also famous for his financial advice–not always the best, but he is average for getting the correct answer. What he does do, however, is present it in a way where everyday people can understand it. He has over half a million followers on his twitter feed. So, imagine the impact when the madman of CNBC put this into his twitter feed earlier today:

This was followed up with:





It is good that Penndot did resolve the issue for Mr Cramer, but what of the hundreds of thousands of other people just like his father who are finding themselves unable to vote?

Oh, that’s right, it’s all there to ensure Mitt Romney wins the state of Pennsylvania, even though he has stopped all campaigning there.